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NEW VAULT EXHIBIT BUTTERFLY ROSES By Audra Draper, MS Current Special Exhibits Click on the image above to see Jerry Hom's new Basilisk Balisong Click on the image above to see what's inside this Special Access Required pouch from rising-star knifemaker Spencer Alan Reiter. That's Terry Guinn's famous Ring Fighter. And it's just one of three Terry Guinn Custom Balisongs recently added to Gallery G. Click on the picture to visit the Gallery. Lapu Lapu The latest adition to the Heros and Kings Collection from Pabu Knife. Click on the picture to see the full exhibit. Bad and expanding knife laws are a common lament among balisong enthusiasts. Finally, there's something we can about it beyond just wringing our hands. Join Knife Rights today!

A Message From Knife Rights Founder Doug Ritter

Recently the Anti's have taken aim at our knives after being shut down in their efforts to further restrict firearms. We are a tempting target because there's no national owner/user organization like the NRA is for gun rights to defend knife rights. A recent highly biased and inaccurate Wall Street Journal article was an opening salvo in this attack, attempting to demonize simple pocket knives just like they did with "assault weapons." One only has to look to Europe where many of the knives we take for granted are banned or restricted. That's their aim here in the U.S. Knife Rights will lead the fight for your rights; an organization by knife owners, for knife owners. Read more about why the time is ripe for Knife Rights.

The Balisong Collector Himself is proud to be a Charter Member of Knife Rights and urges all balisong enthusiasts to join as well.

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I was inspired to make the Site by my friend Clay, who is the webmaster on The Extreme Balisong Site. Clay's site is really great if you're just getting started with balisongs. My site is more about collecting balisongs, more about the knives themselves.

If you've just stumbled in to this site and are wondering what a balisong is, here's your answer: a balisong is a form of folding pocket knife which has two handles that counter-rotate around the tang. They're also known as "butterfly knives".

It's a great design because when it's closed, the blade is completely covered. While most balisongs are single-edged, the balisong design is one of only a few folding knife designs that can safely accommodate a double-edged blade.

On the other hand, when a well-made balisong is open and the two handles are locked together, it's virtually as strong and reliable as a fixed-blade knife. "Lock failures", which afflict all other folding knife designs, are unheard of on balisongs.

The balisong's unique design also allows it to be opened or closed quickly with one hand. Not only can a balisong be opened with one hand, unlike many one-hand-opening knives, a balisong can also be closed with one hand. Furthermore, unlike many open-hand-opening knives, a balisong can be opened with either hand.

Not only can a balisong be opened or closed with one hand, but that task can be accomplished with a flair that is totally unique to the balisong. No other folding knife is as fun. The very colorful art of balisong manipulation is where my subtitle, "Because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing," comes from.

You may reasonably ask, "If the balisong design is so great, then why are they so uncommon?" Well, unfortunately, in the late 70's and early 80's, balisongs were often portrayed in TV and movies as weapons of criminals and bad-guys. In fact, they still are portrayed that way. And many people find the manipulation of a balisong frightening and intimidating.

There have only been a handful of crimes committed using balisongs in America. In fact, I'd bet that no category of knives has been involved in fewer crimes than the balisong. But, just because of that image and of that fear, balisongs are illegal to carry in public in most states and illegal to even own in some. I am fortunate to live in Oregon where balisongs are legal to own and even carry.

On this site, you can find out about balisongs, see pictures of many balisongs new and old, and even see full-motion video of balisong manipulation.

Throughout this site, watch for this icon . Click on it and noted balisong authority Professor Roland Phlip of The Institute for Advanced Balisong Studies will teach you an important lesson.

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