Mr. Ralph is well-known for his Apogee folders which take the "tactical folder" to a wonderful new height.

Apogee is a word that comes from astrophysics. Apogee is the point in a satellite's orbit where it is the maximum distance away from its host. It is the peak of a satellite's orbit.

Mr. Ralph's new balisong is called "Gemini".

That's also a word that comes from astrophysics. It's the name for one of the major star constellations which includes two of the brightest stars visible in the northern hemisphere, Castor and Pollux. Because it contains these two bright stars, this constellation is also known as "The Twins." How appropriate for a knife with two handles.

But, Gemini has further meaning. It also comes from the US space program. The Gemini program was not America's first manned space effort. But, Gemini will not be Mr. Ralph's first attempt at balisongs either. He's made a few experimental balisongs in the past much as the US experimented with manned space flight in our "Mercury" program. Only half of the eight Mercury flights actually reached orbit. But, American learned a lot from Mercury.

Gemini, America's second major manned space program, really propelled American into manned space flight. Gemini will not be Mr. Ralph's first balisong effort, but it will be the program that really propels him into balisongs.