Mr. Ralph intends to begin his new Gemini balisong line with a limited special edition.

Mr. Ralph is pleased to offer this inaugural edition of the Gemini balisong. The edition will be limited to 25 works.

Each inaugural-edition Gemini be individually serial numbered.

While these knifes will share the common Gemini design, each will be very much a custom work made to its proud owner's specifications by hand by Mr. Ralph himself.

The blade blade profile will be based on the Apogee and hand-ground by Mr. Ralph

The blade length will be approximately four inches (approximately the same blade length as the Benchmade 42).

Easily maintained flat grind

Durable satin finish

Customers may select either Crucible Service Center's CPM 420V Stainless Steel or, for an extra cost, Damascus Stainless Steel

Customers may select handles made by Mr. Ralph of either light weight Titanium or, for an extra cost, attractive high-quality Damascus Stainless Steel

For no extra charge, Titanium handles may be anodized to a rainbow effect.

Customers may select either skeletonized handles (the pattern for which is not yet determined) or inserts.

Customers who select inserts may choose black carbon fiber inserts, Maroon Micarta, or Presentation-grade Desert Ironwood.

Black carbon fiber is highly durable, no-maintenance material that gives an excellent surface with just the right amount of "grip" for a balisong handle. This is a great choice for a daily user knife.

Micarta is also a very durable, no-maintenance material. Some people find it a bit to smooth for balisong handles. I like it and I think that the Maroon color will look great against the silvers, grays, and blacks in Damascus steel. It's a great alternative to black.

Ironwood is a great looking hard wood that also gives a good grip surface. It's a very hard wood, but, being wood, can be damaged by misuse or neglect.

Elite collectors who select inserts may, for an extra cost, upgrade to Presentation-grade gold lip mother of pearl. The Gold colors in this exotic material look wonderful set in Damascus. Gold lip MOP comes almost exclusively from the waters around the Philippines, so gold lip MOP pays tribute to the balisong's Filipino connections.

The pivot joints will be field disassembly for cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance.

The handle design allows the latch to be mounted in either the Manila or Batangas positions, or left off completely.

The handle design includes a "latch gate" feature

An optional custom Kydex sheath will be available for extra cost

The edition will be limited to 25 works. However, each "work" may be a set containing more than one knife. Each piece of such a set must be identical and must be ordered together. The pieces within sets will be sublettered.

Customers may select their serial numbers with preference given to those who order first.

In keeping with his habit of exploring new ideas and constantly trying to contribute something new to whatever projects he takes on, Mr. Ralph is also working on a special feature which may be available. I am sworn to secrecy, but details may be available as the project progresses.