I watch, bladeforums auction, Amazon auctions, E-bay, and other auctions on- and off-line, several catalogs and private transactions in several venues. Here is a list of recently traded collectible balisongs so that you can an idea of what yours might be worth. Hint: if you use your browser's Search feature, you can probably find knives similar to yours easily.

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AZ = Amazon auctions

BA =

BF = blade forums auction

CAT = Catalog Sale

EB = E-Bay

FS = For sale forum  (,, rec.knives, etc.) 

LA = Live Auction

OT = Other

PT = Private Transaction 

SCD = The Balisong Collector's Shameless Commerce Division

SHO = Public Show

YH = Yahoo Auctions

RS = Retail knife shop

Why does the source matter?



BM = Benchmade

BS = Bali-Song Cutlery

BR = Bear Cutlery

CUST = Custom

FHM = Common Filipino Handmade

FC = Frost Cutlery

GC = Gutmann Cutlery

JG = Jaguar 

PC = Pacific Cutlery

PK = Parker Cutlery

TC = Taylor Cutlery

VL = Valor Cutlery



NIB = New In Box: Exactly as it came from the manufacturer including the original box and all paperwork. The knife is in Mint condition.

PR = Pristine: Knife is in absolutely mint condition and is outstanding!

MT = Mint: Knife is the same as it was when produced allowing for normal aging. Minor scratches on the tang due to gentle rotation of the handles and minor scratches on the handles due to latching are acceptable. Blade must have absolutely no evidence of use, sharpening, polishing, or any cleaning more aggressive than a gentle wipe with a soft cloth. Absolutely no evidence of manipulation (chips on the blade, damage to the latch, scratches on the handles, etc.). Tang stamps, etching, and inking are 100% perfect.

NM = Near Mint: Knife is nearly in mint condition. Any deviation from mint is very minor. If the knife has been expertly cleaned, it must appear as mint. Blade must have no evidence of use or sharpening. Handle inserts must not have any cracking or chips. Absolutely no evidence of manipulation. Tang stamps and etching are perfect. Inking is at least 95%.

EX = Excellent: Knife is in excellent condition. Minor cracking of handle inserts is acceptable as long the material is still in one piece. Blade may show minor wear but must still have original profile (i.e. not sharpened aggressively). Some discoloration of the blade and even one or two tiny rust freckles is acceptable as are minor signs of manipulation though the blade must not be chipped. Tang stamps and etching are perfect. Inking is at least 85%.

VG = Very Good: Knife is in very good condition. Blade and handles are original. Cracks in handle inserts are acceptable as long as no pieces are missing or glued or otherwise repaired. Blades may show up to 10% wear and discoloration including minor rust freckles. Tang stamps and etching are clear. Inking is at least 75%.

GD = Good: Knife is in good condition. Blade and handles are original. One or two small pieces of handle insert material may be missing. Blade may show up to 25% wear. Tang stamps and etching are legible. Inking is at least 65%.




- - = A real mistake. Sorry.

- = Bad buy

0K = ok buy

+ = Good buy

++ = Excellent buy

+++ = You lucky dog, you stole that balisong!

= The traveling "Are You Insane!?! Trophy" awarded with my condolences to the most ridiculous purchase. Hey, we;ve all made mistakes... but this one takes the prize.

= The Traveling "Best Buy! Trophy" awarded with my jealous congratulations to the best purchase.

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= Picture (click on the icon) File size varies considerably.


 Description Source Price* Date Chuckg's comments
BM Model 11 NIB EB $159 16AUG99 BM11 was in production for less than one year. Probably only a few hundered made. ++
 FHM Ivory inserts EB $82 17AUG99 Nice price for real Ivory +
 PK Gypsy w/Tanto EB $10.50 19AUG99 What a steal for a Parker Gypsy and a rare tanto too. +++
FHM Buffalo Horn c.1940 EB $102.50 21AUG99 Just another undistinguished FHM OK
FHM Rosewood inserts c.1900 EB $25.00 26AUG99 A potentially historically significant knife given the age. Rosewood is always nice. ++
FHM Nara wood inserts EB $75.00 26AUG99 Nara wood is hard to come by +
BM Model 41S NIB PT $110.00 28AUG99 less common model ++
CUST Erickson scrimshawed micarta PR EB $500.00 31AUG99 Fabulous knife. Went to a good and growing Erickson collection. ++
FHM Nara wood inserts EX. EB $83.00  03SEP99 Nice knife in excellent condition. +
FHM with bone handles. EX EB $75.00 03SEP99 Nice knife in excellent condition. Serrated spine and pierced blade. +
TC with rosewood handles + sheath EB $56.00 07SEP99 Unusual Taylor with gutting hook on the spine (rarely seen on balisongs). ++
 FHM Ivory handles with brass accents.NM CAT $120.00 10SEP99 Unusual handle pattern with thin brass accents between ivory pieces. +
 BM48 NIB PT $145.00 11SEP99 Nice knife. OK
BM45 Factory 2nd with Harley-Davison logo inked onto the blade PT  $75.00 11SEP99 An interesting piece. I have consulted with both BM and Harley-Davidson and both deny any knowledge of this knive. Yet, I have seen several on the market recently. It is a true BM knive (though a factory 2nd) but the Harley logo is unauthorized. "A true renegade in the best of the Harley-Davidson spirit," I guess one might say (though I suspect that the suits at Harley-Davidson see the unauthorized use of their trademarked logo differently). Harley stuff is very collectible, though, and so are BM balisongs. This is a cross-over piece in demand in two markets. There probably weren't very many made. I predict a great future for this knife. +

 PC Model 169 "International Series" with original box. EX

SHO $25.00 12SEP99 Pacific cutlery briefly imported these knives from Japan. This one is marked 1985, which would have been right on the boarderline between PC and BM. A less common knive, a knife with some historical significance, and with the original box. What a find, and all for $25. +++
  FHM Bone Inserts, NM AZ $70 24SEP99 Nice FHM in near-mint condition +
  FHM Nara wood inserts, NM AZ $67 25SEP99 Nice FHM in near-mint condition +
  Taylor Manila folder. 4" weehawk with sharpened false edge. Ink on the blade is in perfect condition. Wonderful, heavy, solid machined brass handles with hidden pins. Mint condition, NIB SCD $90 28SEP99 Very nice knife. Brass handles are just perfect. NIB. Wow. ++
Valor Cutlery model 525 Samurai Warrior. 3" utility blade. Tip is slightly damaged. Ink marking on the blade is 90%. Handles are solid, machined steel with black plastic inserts slight latch damage to the safe
handel from manipulation. EX..
SCD $45.00 28SEP99 A nice little knive. ++
A set of two Taylor Gypsy balisongs. The 4" Utility Clip is a model 1316 in NM condition, and the 3" Utility is a model 1315 in perfect Mint condition. The ink on both blades is 100%. Both have cast steel handles. Both come with original boxes. SCD

$45.00 for the 1315

$50.00 for the 1316

 01OCT99 Two very nice knives. These are well-made knives and move very well. Here are two in NM and M condition in original boxes. A great set. I'm glad to see these two stay together. ++
An Italian-made balisong with brass and rosewood handles.  BA $41.00 01OCT99

Ok, ok. Here's my review. For those of you who have been wondering why this has taken so long, it's because I paid by personal check and the seller, quite reasonably, did not send the knife until my check cleared. So, that delayed things.

The tang mark is "INOX". This is Italian for the German Rostfrei. In short, this is is NOT the maker, it just means stainless steel. However,unlike the German Rostfrei, Inox is seldom seen on non-Italian knives. Apparently, the Asians haven't made up any INOX stamps yet. To, I do belive that the knife is Italian made.

Notice, please, the Manila-style latch. I noticed it the first time I manipulated the knife.

The brass handles are really nice. But, as some of you know, I'm a sucker for brass. They're machined from single pieces. The rosewood is nice, but mismatched, probably scrap pieces. Again, I'm a sucker for rosewood. And rosewood and brass... well, I'm there.

As nice as the handles are, they are very loosely attached to the blade giving a lot of misalignment and a lot of wobble. For a small knife with a small blade and thin handles, it is slow and sluggish to manipulate.

The blade is not particularly impressive.

The pins are all flimsy and I do not expect this knife to hold up to much manipulation.

For $41, I'm gonna say that it's collectible only because we don't see a lot of Italian stuff here in the States and give this purchase a barely ok rating. barely ok.

An early PC International series balisong. VG to EX. PT $80.00 01OCT99  Looks like maybe a bit of damage on the latch. Makes me wonder about blade. Ok.

Hemming Woodsman, Pat. Pending (New Haven, Conn) C. 1900-1924 4 5/8" Butterfly-style outdoor knife. Single saber ground clip blade with thin fuller which is full and unsharpened. The handles which rotate off of the tang are one piece aluminum with fingergrooves. Brass ring and clip at the bottom which locks the piece open and closed. Fine sewn leather brown scabbard in better than excellent condtion, not original, but works great. Rated high in Lavine's IV. NM - Mint.

(seller's description)

(unfortunately, since this is a catalog sale, I don't have a picture to post)

 CAT $95.00 October 99

Sorry for the somewhat more technical description. The catalog in question is not specific to balisongs, so they need to give a more general description for their non-balisong-aware customers.

Anyway, the Hemming Woodsman is the first American-made balisong that I am aware of. Production started between about 1905 and 1910. This is a very significant balisong and in NM - Mint condition. ++

Notice the latch mechanism which is much different than "modern" balisongs. Someday, I'll have to post pictures for you to see of one of mine.

I love the description of this as an "outdoor knife". I don't want to see any of you flippin' one of these inside the house!

Taylor Manila Folder. 3.5" spearpoint. 9-piece handle construction with heavy brass liners, a NS spacer, NS bolsters and bone inserts. Mintcondition, NIB. SCD  $90.00  02OCT99 A very nice piece and with an unusual spearpoint blade. Mint condition. In the original box. You can't ask for more than that. ++
Compass Industries (CI) Model 1200 Cho No Shi. 3.5" utility clip. Solid machined brass handles and black micarta inserts. Brass is slightly stained in a few minor places. Some damage to the safe handle and latch from manipulation. Edge is 100%. Excellent condition in original box. SCD  $100.00  02OCT99  I have several of these in my collection and can tell you that they move as well as any production Benchmade. This is a very fine knife. ++
 Frost Cutlery model 105. 3.25" utility with small chisel-ground swedge. Wonderful handles with brass liners, and full-length machined SS bolsters with an unusual skeleton pattern with hidden pins. Mint condition, NIB. SCD  $65.00 03OCT99 This is really a wonderful knife. I'm sorry the picture isn't as good. The first one I took with my real camera didn't turn out (strange, just a blank frame, almost like I didn't push the button). This picture is a poor digital one. I'll retake a good one shortly. ++
Compass Industries (CI) Model 1202 Black Mantis. 3.5" weehawk with black silicon coating that is about 95% with a somewhat unique hilt design. Cast, skeleton pattern handles painted black almost 100%. Excellent condition in original box. SCD  $25.00 03OCT99 A lesser model, true, but it still moves well. With 95% of the blade coating and 100% of the handle paint, this one's in fine shape. The original manufacturer's suggested retail price for this one in 1983 was $29.95! I'd say this was a good buy. ++
 Parker Eagle Model K-534,3" utility, machined brass skeleton handles.
Mint condition, NIB. Brass is just excellent.
SCD $40.00 15OCT99 A fine balisong in excellent condition in the original box. It's rare to find brass handles in such fine condition. ++
  GC "Original Balisong Sportsman's Knife" NIB with original leather sheath and in original wooden box. Brass liners and bolsters with bone inserts  AZ $86.00  24OCT99 An excellent piece of balisong history complete with the original sheath and box. ++

 OLD GERMAN? Pocket Knife, Butterfly 1/2" x 2 1/2". Good condition only. Has been sharpened a lot. Marked DRGM on one side of the blade and superior on the other.

(seller's description)

 EB $19.50 24OCT99

A fascinating piece, absolutely fascinating. "Superior" was actually a mark often associated with knives made in Scheffield, England, but DRGM is German. I would have snapped this knife up myself, but I don't want anything with celluloid handles. Even so, for $19.50, I'm gonna give this one a +++. My congratulations to the buyer on a grand choice. Be careful with those handles.

 Here's a rare one. 2" closed and 3.5" open. Butterfly pattern knife. Blade stamped: "PATENT ERMA" & "MADE IN GERMANY". Goins Guide says ERMA was in business from 1920-30 in Germany. Blade has been sharpened and used. Handles are "ivoroid"
celluloid and are PERFECT with no cracks, chips, voids or deep scratches. Nickel bolsters, swivel bail and handle locking lever.

(Sellers Description)

 EB $34.00 24OCT99

Oh my, another excellent piece of Balisong history, and a very significant piece because it also tends to indicate a European origin of the butterfly knife design. I'd have paid a lot for this knife it weren't for those celluloid handles. This is a great collectible balisong and for $34.00 a true +++

 Limited 057/100 BENCHMADE Swallowtail Knife. This is a very interesting knife. Blade is etched 057/100. Benchmade no longer makes this style. This is either factory chemically or heat treated to be a multi-colored gold pattern. Blade is 3 inches. No sharpening marks. Comes in original nylon puch with velcro closure. Sorry, no box. A rare limited knife made with Benchmade quality.

(Seller's description)

 EB  $212.50  25OCT99

A BM 30S anodized gold limited edition balisong. I'm not sure that the sheath is original. The BM30 did not classically come with a sheath. They may have put one in with these limited edition knives, though.

Wow, that's a lot to pay for a BM30S, even if it is a limited edition. I've gotta say that's it's an ok buy at best.

Notice that the seller billed the knife as a "Swallowtail knife" to avoid the attention of the Ebay censors. A clever ploy and you certainly can't argue with $212.50, but I wonder if it might have done better listed openly on a more friendly auction site. The idea of a "secret" auction doesn't strike me as the best way to get the best price for your knife.

Many collectors will call this " THE True Butterfly knife". This knife was HandMade in the Philippines with special markings making it very collectable.
Collector owned since it was made. Never re-sharpened (yet very sharp), Never re-buffed. The knife measures 7.5" closed, and 11.5" opened. Unusally well balanced! It has a very nice high carbon steel semi-hollow ground blade with important, "grooves of three" (equaly spaced grooves ground into the blade on each side of the rounded part near the pins). The bolsters are aircraft aluminum (as are 16 of the handle pins). The main pins are steel with
copper/brass pins on the bolsters. The linner of this knife is also it's skeleton, and is 100% brass. The handle inlays are smooth black, (either bone or composite not sure), with a total of 24 pins. Engraved on the outside of the brass linner(in script)"Philappines". The markings on the "tail lock" are perhaps the most interesting thing about this piece with 7 equaly spaced grooves and the red circle inlay (see picture).

(seller's description)

 AZ $36 07NOV99

Don't let the seller's long-winded and glowing descriptions mislead you. What we have here is yet another undistinguished FHM. I have no idea why the seller thinks this "grooves of three" is so important. It's a common design feature on FHMs. The markings on the "tail lock" are also common and purely decorative. The seller apparently doesn't know much about these knives. The fact that it is marked "Philappines" (it probably says Phillipines and that "a" is a type-o) means that this knife was made for export or tourist trade.

Not a bad buy for $36, though. I'll say +

 Benchmade Model 11. 3" Tanto with stainless steel skeleton handles. The BM11 was in production for only about one year. BM never releases production statistics, but one can estimate that only a few hundred of these were made. This one is in Excellent condition overall. There is one chip on the edge from manipulation but no scratches on the opposite handle. Otherwise, the knife would be mint. It comes with the original sheath which is a bit dusty apparently from having been sitting on a shelf all these years.  SCD $150.00 11NOV99  Despite a very minor bit of damage, this is a good price on a very collectible Benchmade Bali-Song ++
 One rare Benchmade custom with 4" Bowie Clip blade and classic stainless steel skeleton handles. The blade and the edge are 100% and the edge is original. Unfortunately, there are a few minor scratches on the back of the opposite handle and a few on the latch from manipulation, but no chips on the blade at all. This is a wonderful knife in excellent condition and it comes with a typical black nylon sheath in perfect condition.  SCD  $350.00  11NOV99  Despite very minor damage, this is an excellent piece with a rare Bowie blade. There'll never be any more like it. Very collectible. ++
 Yet another Benchmade Model 11. 3" Tanto with stainless steel skeleton handles. The BM11 was in production for only about one year. BM never releases production statistics, but one can estimate that only a few hundred of these were made. This one is in Mint condition. I looked hard to try and find something to complain about, but couldn't. It comes with the original box, but the box is in less than mint condition and the paperwork is missing. The sheath is also in mint condition.  SCD  $185.00  11NOV99  Wow, a BM11 NIB even if the box is a bit mangled (perhaps UPS got ahold of it), what a find. ++

Balisong folding knife, hand forged in Phillipines, with stag horn handle, and black nylon belt sheath. Knife is used, slight patches of discoloration on the blade, some of the gilt is worn off the handle but otherwise, very good.


 EB $71.02 26NOV99

Yet another undistinguished FHM. The sheath is doubtlessly not original. The knife is used. $71 is a lot to pay for such an undistinguished FHM when better one's come on the market fairly regularly. At best, this buy was ok.

BTW, the seller here has give a very honest evaluation of the knife. You don't see that very often.

Benchmade Model 69 3" Tanto with Deluxe finish handles. Near mint condition. There is one small chip on the blade that knocks it out of mint. I'll overlook a very, very small bit of damage on the blade due to hitting the latch. I don't believe that it's manipulation damage since manipulation is generally more energetic than this suggests and since there's no other signs of manipulation.

The sheath, at first glance, appears perfect. But, closer inspection shows that it is missing one of the elastic straps for horizontal carry. Curious.It looks as if it was once there, but was torn off. Too bad.

This fine piece comes in the original box which is only slightly damaged.

PT $205 30NOV99

The 69 was in production for less than one year. While BM never discloses production statistics, we can assume that no more than a few hundered of these were made.

This is the first BM69 I've seen in several years.


This is a giant Balisong (butterfly) knife. With 14" handles and a 13" blade, this monster is 27" overall. Handles are multi-scaled and go brass,
black, bone, black, brass and have 52 copper rivets pinning the scales to the handles. Blade is not stamped or marked at all. Knife comes in
bamboo box with red felt lining and says Philippines Balisong on the lid. Knife is in excellent condition and very impressive to look at.

(seller's description)

EB $157.51 01DEC99 An interesting FHM. I occationally see these same knives at shows for about $350, so this looks like a great buy.

 a Benchmade Model 11, 3" Tanto with
production-finish, skeleton handles. It was made in 1986 in Los Angles. The Model 11 was in production for less than one year. While BM never discusses production stats, it's safe to assume that no more than a few hundred of these were made. The sheath indicates that this was a later piece.

Unfortunately, the tip is damaged and the edge has numerous small chips, including the classic chip due to manipulation. The edge is far from true, especially at the corner of the Tanto grind. As a result, I believe that this one has been sharpened agressively.

There are a lot of scratches on the sides of the blades consistent with manipulation, damage to the back of the safe handle, and damage to the
latch. There's also minor rust freckles on the blade and some minor rust down inside the handles and on the surface of the handles.

In all, I'd say that this knife is in very good condition.

(seller's description)

EB  $177.50 08DEC99

Well, what can I say? This one went for a lot more than I thought it would. The BM11 is a rare catch, it's true, but this one just isn't that great. Sorry, but I've got to give this buy a -.

I'd discount it to some crazy buyer, but I know the buyer and he's knowedgable.

BTW, the seller is to be commended for such a good and honest description of this knife.

 Miller Cutlery, Largo, Florida. Custom Balisong with black parkerized handles with Rosewood inserts (three on each handle) and a four-inch drop-point blade. Mint condition. Notice that the handle pins on these knives are designed to allow the knife to be disassembled.

(seller's description)

PT $300 01DEC99 Very few of these were made. This one is in Mint condition and has great inserts. ++

 Older butterfly style knife probobly dates to WWII or WWI . Handle is made from pieces of brass riveted together. I have seen other war time pieces similar to this one but not as sturdy.It measures approx. 6+1/2" closed and 11+1/4" open. The blade is steel and shows wear from use but still much intact.

(seller's description)

EB  $55.25 05DEC99 This is actually a rather nice example of a FHM. I have a very similar piece but without the extra horns on the tang that is reliably dated to WWI, so I suspect this piece is also WWI. Mine is very well-made and very heavy. I'll rate this buy a ++. BTW, the blade was probably made from a leaf spring taken from a jeep or truck and the brass is probably from spent shell casings.


(seller's description)

 EB $76 08DEC99 Well, I am not exactly sure about the seller's claim that this knife is made out of the dash board of a B-29. I've seen this same design several times before and I suspect it's not all that unique. But, he is right that the brass is probably from shell casings (as many FHMs from this era were). The knife appears to be in nice condition from the pictures. I'd say this was reasonably good buy for a FHM. +


(seller's description)

 EB $51 08DEC99 The one small crack is not objectionable at all. It is, however, good and honest of the seller to point it out. This is a very nice example of an older FHM with classic stag handles. It appears to be in fine shape. A good buy for $51 ++

This cute little miniature butterfly knife has advertising printed on the handles: "Swift Finance Company, Des Moines, Iowa, BR6-3494". This type of phone number has not been used in 40+ years, so that is how I am guessing the age. The tang is stamped: "Vernco", which is probably The Vernon Company, an advertising specialty company in Newton, Iowa. The blade is unsharpened, but there are a few stain spots on the reverse side of the blade.

(seller's description)

EB $31.00 03DEC99 Yes, I'm the buyer on this one. I don't mind telling you that I had my max bid set a lot higher than this. I have never seen such a knife traded. I have no idea what it's worth, but I wanted it. I find it an interesting social commentary that a Finance company (usually a business trying to present itself as respectible and conservative) in conservative Des Moines, Iowa, would use a butterfly knife as an advertising trinket. My, how times have changed. For $31, I give this buy a biased ++.


(seller's description)

 EB $31.00 09DEC99 Well, It's hard to tell from the picture just what we have here. The liners almost look to be milled out. It could be a FHM, but I'm almost suspecting an American handmade maybe dating back to to the 50s or so. Who knows? Maybe the buyer will tell me what he got. Anyway, for $31 it's worth a chance. I'll say + to start with.

 This is a Vintage Butterfly Knife. I was told by a knife collector that knife is over 100 years old and he thought that it is European. Toopen the knife you need to slide the metal catch on the handle next to the rivet. Than you have to slightly pull the other end of the knife up and turn. Than turn out the blade and close the handle and push in the metal catch. It is in very good conditon

(seller's description)

 EB $255 12DEC99 Please look at the picture. This isn't really a balisong-style butterfly knife. The two handles rotate from a single pivot. My guess is that the folks at would be very unhappy to have this type of knive classified as a balisong or butterfly knife given the legal implications that classification has in many areas. Anyway, this is a fine old knife. I asked the seller what the handle material is, but received no reply.

Knife is signed Lunawerk, NY - Italy, Stainless. It is a butterfly style knife. Blade is 4" long. Knife is in near mint+ condition.

(seller's description)

 EB $9.99 12DEC99

Please look at the picture. This isn't really a balisong-style butterfly knife. The two handles rotate from a single pivot. My guess is that the folks at would be very unhappy to have this type of knive classified as a balisong or butterfly knife given the legal implications that classification has in many areas.

When compared to the very similar knife above, this one looks like a bargain. But, this just shows you that I know nothing about this style of knife.

You are bidding on two Butterfly Knives. One of them is a Ninja. It is in very good condition. The 2nd one does not have any name that I can see. It is in ok condition, the lower picture is showing a pin that needs to be fixed on one of the legs of this knife. As it is now the pieces separate and the pin needs to be reset into the leg portion, (no bigdeal for someone with the proper tools).

(seller's description)

 EB $5.50 12DEC99

Wow, what a great deal. The Valor Ninja knives are a bit difficult to find since Valor changed the name to "Samurai Warrior" fairly early on. This one looks to be in reasonable condition. The other knife is also a good looking piece. It's nice of the seller to be frank about the condition (he even included a close-up of the questionable pin). But, I wouldn't try to fix it. As it stands, this is a collectible knive.

And all of that for $5.50! This buy gets the rare +++. Congratulations, you stole both of those balisongs!

 Old Butterfly Knife Balisong Handmade, their are no markings on it. The handles are bone, each side has dark brown in the middle and light bone on each end. I bought it in an estate auction of a man in his eighties. The blade is full and sharp, the handles are beautiful with no chips or cracks. It has brass liners and overall condition for its age is extremely good. This knife has always been carried in the sheath which is included, you can see the leather has formed to the knife. Heavy stiching and old but very good shape too.

(seller's description)

 EB $143.26 12DEC99

I wish the seller could tell us a bit more about the history of this piece. I just hate to see the history get separated from the knife. Unfortunately, in an estate sale situation, the history is not always available.

It looks like a FHM to me, that's what I've catalogged it as in my big catalog.

The looks like a fine addition.

Without seeing the knife (which I'd love to) I'll give this buy a +.

 Before it was Benchmade - it was "Bali-Song" and the knives were mostly imports. This one's a very loved condition tanto blade (double ground) with insert style cast alloy handles and those super rivet that no one has been able to duplicate the quality on. The blade is very marked up from opening and closing but clean w/ no nicks in the edge. Clip works in the knife open position only. Measures 9.25" open and 5.5" open. This is a beauty and moves twice as nice as anything made today!

(seller's description)

 BA $60.00 12DEC99

While the seller is correct that the company we know and love today as Benchmade has some historic connection to Bali-Song Cutlery, this knife is not from the Bali-Song era, but from the Pacific Cultery era. While the seller is correct that Pacific imported several models, their knives were not "mostly imports".

An excellent example of the Pacific Cutlery International Series knives. I have not seen the knife and have to wonder about a knife that has a lot of scratches but no nicks. Has the blade been reground? The picture is not the best for making this judgement, but id doesn't look obviously so in the picture. Assuming the blade has its original grind, this is great addition to someone's balisong collection. ++

(BTW, I don't normally identify buyers or sellers, but I do want to comment in this case. The buyer uses the screen name ChuckG. This is NOT me. I use Gollnick as a screen name. Apparently, this fellow ChuckG and I share similar names and similar interests.)

 Before it was Benchmade - Lester called his company "Bali-Song" and the knives were mostly imports. This one's a very loved condition black on black clip point blade with insert style cast alloy handles and those super rivets that no one has been able to duplicate the quality on. The blade is very marked up from opening and closing but clean w/ no nicks in the edge. Clip works in the knife open position only. Measures 9.25" open and 5.5" open. This is a beauty and moves twice as nice as
anything made today!

(Seller's description)

 BA $61.50 12DEC99

While the seller is correct that the company we know and love today as Benchmade has some historic connection to Bali-Song Cutlery, this knife is not from the Bali-Song era, but from the Pacific Cultery era. While the seller is correct that Pacific imported several models, their knives were not "mostly imports".

As for this knife, it's another good example of PC's International series. It's not as common a model as the one above, but the pictures how that the black coating is rather damaged. As with the previous knife, I have to wonder how the blade go so scrapped up without any nicks in the blade. The edge looks good in the picture, but it can be hard to tell in a low-res digital picture. I would want to examine that edge and see if it's been reground. Assuming an original edge, I'll say + (I can't go ++ because this knife isn't as good as the one above it. Now you know why collectors don't like coated blades.)

Frost Cutlery brass handled butterfly knife, at least 10 years old. In great working order, blade is very usable stainless steel. Brass handles in good shape, however, a good polish will be in order.

(Seller's description)

EB $41.00 18DEC99 A nice Frost piece. The picture is very blurry and so I really can't say much else about it. The seller's description isn't exactly enthusiastic. $41 is more than I would have paid for the knife so I'll say that this buy was ok.

Presented for your bids is another nice knife out of husbands collection. This one is butterfly(?) knife with stag handles and brass. Springless and unmarked, probably from 19th Century. It measures about 7" closed and when fully open it is about 12 5/8". Since I am not an expert in this field all is sold as-is.

(Seller's description)


Reserve Not Met at $56.00

7 bids from 6 bidders


Reserve Not Met. No Sale.

The seller says "I am not an expert in this field," and "sold as-is", yet sets a reserve price?

The description is vauge and the picture doesn't show much, no wonder nobody wanted to offer much.

I doubt seriously that this knive dates back much more than 1950, certainly not to the 19th century.

Custom Butterfly Knife. Made by John Salley. Blade is of A.T.S.-34 with a rockwell hardness of 58. Knife is used and in excellent condition. Handle material is 400 series stainless. Knife comes with nylon sheath. Blade length measures 4 inches.

(Seller's description)


Reserve Not Met at $79.53

6 bids from 3 bidders


Reserve Not Met. No Sale.

First of all, and I may be showing my ignorance here, but I not familiar with this maker, John Salley. This is not to say that he is not a great maker. I am not familiar with every great maker out there. Since this auction came up, I have not had the time to really research him. I could not, for example, quickly find a web site. Here's a tip for would-be sellers of custom knives: include a bit of information about the maker in your description.  

Second, the picture is rather poor. Aside from not showing off the knife well, this just shows a lack of respect for your buyers. How can you expect us to give you a pile of money if you're not even going to make an effort to show us a nice picture? If you're trying to sell your knife for a high price, then invest a few bucks in some good pictures.

Third, I did not include the rest of the seller's description text. I customarily leave out the stuff about payment terms, postage and handling, and so forth. But, what I will tell you is that, in this case, the seller's "fine print" exceeded the length of description of the knife. Obviously this seller is more interested in legalities than in the knife. I'm sorry, but that just turns me off.

And, finally, this auction surprised me. I predicted a snipper fight at the end, but nothing happened. I am surprised that nobody would even go to $100 for this knife. I, unfortunately, got called to a last-minute emergency, or I certainly would have pushed this one a bit higher.

 This is an old 6" Butterfly Knife that measures 12.5 inches in length in the open positon. The Handles appears to be made of antler or horn attached to a brass case with copper rivets. There are no markings on the blade or case. Condition is very good with the exception of a chip on the handle that can be seen in the scan.

(seller's description)

 EB Reserve Not Met at $46.00 13DEC99

Reserve Not Met. No Sale.

The seller is to be commended for pointing out the chip on the handle.

This appears to be a nice FHM. $46 would have been a reasonable price for it. Unfortunately, the seller thinks more.

 Here is a absolutely gorgious old butterfly knife in very good condition. I believe this could be a theater made knife. The brass is a very heavy type brass. Knife is extremely well made. Looks to have rosewood handles I believe. Blade is in very good condition with some light pitting & dark spots. Knife measures 10 3/4" overall length & blade alone is 4 3/4". Knife has no marks or name. There is no damage to the handles or the knife. Knife is complete.

(seller's description)

 EB $77.99 23DEC99

A nice FHM. The auction's title was "VERY LARGE & VERY OLD BUTTERFLY KNIFE" While the seller seems to think this is a very large knife, it's actually on the short side. Five-inches seems to be the most common blade length on FHMs. I have one with a 27" long blade (just the blade); make no mistake, that's the big one! The seller also seems to think this is an exceptionally old knife, but it looks typical of WWII-era FHMs which aren't that uncommon. Still, it's a nice piece. For $77.99, I'll say +.

(BTW, I'm glad that this knife is made of the "very heavy type brass," as opposed to that new "brass lite" stuff that they've come out with these days ;)

Custom Butterfly Knife by J. Salley. Blade of ATS-34 stainless, steel skeletonized handles of 400 series stainless Knife comes with nylon carry sheath. Knife in used, excellent condition. Method of payment listed above. Payment to be received no later than 7 days after conclusion of auction. Buyer to pay 20.00 shipping (includes insurance).

(seller's description)


Reserve Not Met at $295.00 minimum opening bid

0 bids from 0 bidders

That's right, no bids from no bidders.

Hello? There's something wrong here. Let's see if we can figure out what it is.


Reserve Not Met. No Sale.

Does this description and picture look familiar? This is the same description and the same picture for the same knife that didn't sell at $79.53 just two weeks ago.

The seller did not offer a better picture. The seller did not give any more information about the knife. The only thing the seller did was to impose a minimum bid in addition to their hidden reserve! Why would you set a hidden reserve and then impose a minimum bid below that reserve? No wonder there were no bids.

If you want people to drop $300+ on your knife, the least you owe them is a couple of really good pictures and a good description of the knife. Most auctions discourage large pictures. So, post couple of small pictures on the auction and then also give a link to a site with larger, more detailed pictures. will host pictures for you for free.

 BM Custom 4" Tanto with white micarta inserts in SS handles. NIB CAT $270 04FEB00 Wow. I am very sorry to say that I am not the buyer here. Whomever is gets the traveling "Best Buy" award for buying a knife worth about twice what he paid for it. +++
 BM 5" wee hawk tanto, with skeleton titanium handles (used and 90%conditon)  SHO $1500 05FEB00 No, that is not a type-o. I have a reliable report of this show sale in Florida. This one now takes the traveling "Are you insane!?!" award.
A PC Model 10 with 3.5" Utility blade. This knife is NIB mint  SCD $250  14FEB2K The blade is 100% with no damage to the edge, but some minor scratches on the sides. The handles are milled from solid stainless steel stock. One side of the handles has some small scratches. It's not really bad. This knife comes with the original sheath in perfect condition and comes with the original instruction sheet giving the original North Hollywood address all packed in the original white box which is in near perfect condition. The box confirms that this knife was made in 1979 or 1980. Very special. ++

A rare PC Model 69 perfectly, absolutely NIB.

This picture shows the "back" side of the sheath.

 SCD  $325 14FEB2K One of the "holy grails" for Bali-Song collectors, the Model 69 was discontinued after less than one year of production. Benchmade never releases production stats, but one can estimate that no more than a few hundred of these were made. This one even comes with the original "North Hollywood address" paperwork. Very special ++
 TC G971S The blade has just a couple of very small rust freckles but is overall 100%. The edge is undamaged. Mint condition. It's "Item #10" on the left in the picture.  SCD  $55 14FEB2K A great Taylor. Well-made, this piece will make a great collector or a sturdy user. Notice the Manila latch. ++
 TC G971 It has just two very tiny bits of discoloration on the blade. Nothing objectable at all. The blade is 100%. Mint condition. It's "Item #11" on the right in the picture.  SCD $55 14FEB2K A great Taylor. Well-made, this piece will make a great collector or a sturdy user. Notice the Manila latch. ++
TC G968 with two-piece open-construction handles of stainless steel with skeleton holes and, of course, a Manila-style latch. The handles have a few minor scratches and bumps, but these knives were Taylor's "economy" series and did not come in individual boxes, so they got banged up a bit. The blade is a 4" very thin Weehawk or even a Stiletto blade (though with only one edge). An unsharpened swedge is cut over half way back. There are just a couple of very minor rust freckles on the blade, but nothing bad at all. The blade and the edge are basically 100%. The edge is undamaged. This knife is in mint condition.  SCD $65 14FEB2K A great Taylor. Well-made, this piece will make a great collector or a sturdy user. Notice the Manila latch. ++

A nice Hackman butterfly with red plastic handles.  It has a 3.75" utility blade which is 100% and undamaged. Mint condition. These knives date the late 1960s or early 1970s.

 SCD $20 14FEB2K  The classic Hackman "CIA knife". So called because the story is that the CIA actually issued these to spies in the field at one time. I don't know about that story (they never issued me one), but I do know that they were sold as a fishing knife since the plastic handles won't rust in a tackle box and the red plastic handles float and are easily seen in dark water if the knife is dropped overboard. Also, the handle design keeps the blade elevated over 1/4" off of whatever you set it on. In a boat, sometimes a bit of water accumulates, so that 1/4" keeps the steel blade out of that water. ++
A classic Filipino butterfly pen knife with a 3.5" very thin utility blade. There are a few minor rust freckles, but nothing objectable. The edge is 100% undamaged original with no signs of any use. The "handles" are solid brass as is the "latch" which is made to resemble a "click" ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil. There is a paper label attached that reads "Made in Philippines" which leads us to believe that this piece was made in the Philippines.  SCD  $20 14FEB2K These novelty pieces where popular in the Philippines in the 60s and 70s. This looks like a classic piece from the 1960s. The prefect accessory for the well-dressed balisong collector. ++
 A classic Filipino butterfly pen knife with a 3.5" very thin utility blade. There are a few minor rust freckles, but nothing objectable. The edge is 100% undamaged original with no signs of any use. The "handles" are solid aluminum as is the "latch" which is made to resemble a "click" ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil. The latch is marked "Philippines" on the pocket clip which leads us to believe that this piece was made in the Philippines.  SCD  $20  14FEB2K These novelty pieces where popular in the Philippines in the 60s and 70s. This looks like a classic piece from the 1960s. The prefect accessory for the well-dressed balisong collector. ++
A classic Filipino butterfly pen knife with a 3.5" very thin utility blade. There are a few minor rust freckles, but nothing objectable. The edge is 100% undamaged original with no signs of any use. The "handles" are solid aluminum as is the "latch" which is made to resemble a fountain pen. This piece is unmarked.  SCD $20 14FEB2K The clip design is a doubtlessly unauthorized knock-off of the trademark design used by the Arrow pen company. These novelty pieces where popular in the Philippines in the 60s and 70s. This looks like a classic piece from the 1960s. The prefect accessory for the well-dressed balisong collector. ++
A tiny key chain miniature FHM with a 1.75" thin drop-point blade, though it's hard to tell the edge from the spine such is the sharpening job. Of course, a miniature knife should have miniature rust freckles, but just a few, and this one complies; nothing serious, though. The handles are milled from aluminum stock and have nice green plastic inserts held on with aluminum pins. There's even a little, but functional, Batangas latch held by a copper pin. Of course, there's an attached key chain.  SCD $10 14FEB2K  It's very detailed and a charming little piece, and not to be confused with the China Cheapies that appear everyday on eBay. This is actually a nice little miniature. It' probably dates to about 1970. A nice piece for a balisong collector or a miniature knife collector. ++
A Parker Gypsy model 1315 with a 3" utility blade. Ink on the blade is 100% unfortunately, there is some slight damage to the edge from manipulation. It comes in the original box.  SCD $35 14FEB2K A well-built knife, this will make a great collector or a great user. ++


(seller's description)

 EB $51 18MAR2K

This Compass Industries 1200 Cho No Shi with the less common red micarta inserts slipped past the eBay balisong police in a short auction and right into my collection. Why did this nominally $100+ knife go for $51? Simple: eBay terminates most better balisong auctions, so balisong buyers don't shop there much anymore. It's just not the best venue to get top-dollar for your balisong. But, good for buyers +++.

The CI Cho No Shis are great balisongs. They are very well made. The blade is 440 Stainless and the handles are heavy, solid brass. These make great users as sell as collectibles.

No balisong I've ever seen does latch-drop tricks like a Cho No Shi. I think it's the balance of those heavy handles.

And, I'm looking forward to getting that 5-foot oven with it too. Maybe I can go into business making long sub sandwiches or something.

A very niceBali-Song Cutlery black micarta insert bowie. A very nice later-make
Bali-Song Cutlery piece. The blade was made by Jody Samson and is a good example of his work. A 4" Bowie. There is some very slight
damage to the tip from latch hits. The blade was re-sharpened by Jody Samson at Bali-Song once. There are no chips on the edge at all and it looks very good. The median ridge and the lines on swedge are perfect and show the characteristic intension of Samson. The tang pin shows only the slightest signs of use.

The handles are in excellent condition. The Micarta is not faded at all and is 100% intact. A couple of minor scratches. One very minor nick. Very nice.

The Batangas latch is very curious. The latch shows signs of manipulation, but nothing terrible. (The real evil is chipping of the blade
and you don't have any of that.) This knife doesn't lock closed as tight as some. I don't think this means anything. There is also no objectable damage to the back of the safe handle. This knife is in excellent to near-mint condition.

(this is my description of this knife after personally inspecting it)

 PT  $550 15MAR2K As I said in my description, a very nice knife. +

A Bali-Song Cutlery 4" Hollow-ground clip which is the precursor of the Imada High Hollow profile. This was Bali-Song Cutlery's standard and signature profile and it's a great profile. This knife has stainless steel skeletonized handles with a Batangas latch. The grind and the edge here just look super. The edge is 100% with no chips of any kind. The tip has taken a latch hit or two, but not the edge. This is also a Samson blade with very direct, very purposeful lines.

The handles are classic, thick, heavy Bali-Song Cutlery stuff with wonderfully counter-sunk skeleton holes in the classic pattern. There's a
little wear from handling, but no signs of agressive manipulation.

The latch on this one also shows some damage consistent with manipulation, but not much. Lock is good open and closed.

This knife is also in Excellent condition. In fact, I'd give it an Ex+. I really like it.

(this is my description of this knife after personally inspecting it)

 PT  $400  15MAR2K As I said in my description "I really like it." +

 Bontgen & Sabin's 1885 patent "springless marvel." Nickle-plated steel frames stamped in inches and centimeters, and LONDON. Latch secures frames open and
closed. Blade about 85% full, frame plating worn at edges. This was the first butterfly, now widely copied by 3rd world countries because they don't have to make a spring. P.S. B&S was a German firm. I can't explain the London stamp. You historians: any ideas? I'll add a theory I have on the tang marking: The tang is stamped Bontgen & Sabin's, then below that
it is etched Patent. My theory is that B&S had some stock on hand when they received their 1885 patent, but rather than disassemble and cold stamp the tang, they just etched the addition. Don't know if this so, of course, but it is an explanation for the tang markings.

(seller's description)

PT $190 10MAR2K

First, my compliments to the seller for an excellent description.

This is a very historically significant balisong. While I doubt that this was the first butterfly knife, I love the seller's theory that the popularity of the balisong in less developed countries (such as the Philippines) is due to the fact that it doesn't require a spring.

A truly significant balisong. ++

 Benchmade Balisong Butterfly knife, (like model 45) with original sheath and papers as shown in photo. Balisong Butterfly is engraved on one side of blade, near handle. "Benchmade USA" is engraved on the other.

(seller's description)

 AZ $305 31MAR2K

What is it? I don't know.

Despite being a 100K file, this picture is very poor. The seller even admits that right on the picture.(IMHO, it is very disrespectful of buyers to post such a poor picture. If you know the picture is poor, don't appologize for it, retake it.)

But, I don't think this seller is very respectful of anyone. The seller originally listed this knife on eBay as a BM 68. When he was informed on that it can't be a 68 because the 68 has a 3.5" blade, not a 4" blade, he insisted, and I am quoting from the seller's actual post, "If I say the The BM-68 has a 4 inch blade, then it has a 4 inch blade." The thread is really quite entertaining. I shouldn't do this since if sort of violates my policy of not identifying buyers or sellers, but, oh well, I will .

At one point, this seller had this knife double-listed on both eBay and Amazon (that's right, two auctions going on simultaneously for the same knife.) This is highly unethical and also quite dangerous. While eBay does routinely terminate butterfly knife auctions, sometimes they miss one. What would this guy have done if he sold the same knife twice in two different auctions?

Anyway, enough said about the seller. Let's talk about the knife. I think it's a Benchmade 48. But, I don't think that Benchmade ever made the 48 in Oregon City factory. That's recent-issue paperwork and that appears to be a very new-style sheath too. As a result, just from the picture, I suspect that the sheath and paperwork probably don't go with the knife.

The seller makes no comment about the condition of the knife. Maybe that's why the picture is so poor. Given all the other "irregularities" that surround this whole situation, one has to wonder.

Of course, there are other options. Maybe a handful of 48s were made in the Oregon City factory and this is one of 'em. That would make it a very rare bird indeed. Or, it could even be a rare custom with a utility blade made at the Oregon City factory, probably by Jody Samson, and supplied with OR City paperwork and a new-style sheath.

As a result, the buyer either took advantage of the fact that the seller offended most of the big buyers over on and snapped up a bargain, or got ripped off buying a very questionable knife. I can't tell, so I'm not gonna rate this one.

 BM48 NIB PT  $110.00 23MAR2K

I kid you not, what a coincidence that this report of a BM48 NIB as a PT arrived just as the sale above was going on.

What can I say? A great buy on a great knife, and the new winner of the "Best Buy" Traveling Trophy.

Custom Made Butterfly knife by Walter Erickson.It has a Bowie type blade ATS-34 Steel,I measure the blade at 4 inches... The knife has allen head key adjustable pivot screws and a well designed latch that doesn't interfere with the blade.... The handlesare 416 SS with beautiful desert ironwood inlays.The knife was made in 1994 and is in 95% excellent condition it has a couple of very minor scratches,very minor... I'm willing to let it go for only**** $325.00*****shipped anywhere in the USA.However; The buyer must agree to either western union,money gram or send the money Via a US Postal Money order Overnight express.I need the cash as soon as possible

(excerpts from seller's description)

 FS  $325  12APR2K

Walter Erickson is retired. This would have been one of his latest balisongs.

At this price, it took exactly 32 minutes to sell this knife on a for-sale forum.

What a great price for a great knife. Walter Erickson's balisongs are very well known and very well made with a machinist's precision and yet with an artist's touch, allen screws to adjust the piviots, but desert ironwood for the inserts.

Pitty there is no picture. I hope the buyer will send me one. But, then again, if the seller had a scanner, he probably would have fire-saled that before this knife. Oh well, I hope the seller's emergency was worth parting with this piece at such a price.

For the buyer, +++ (What, no trophy? Well, IMHO, this still doesn't beat the BM48NIB for $110.)

  I have to offer those butterfly enthusiasts a nice W. Erickson butterfly knife. Blade is a Bowie style fighter. The Demascus blade is "as new" and doesn't have the usual "deformed tip" that I've seen on most B_Fly knives. Pivot pins are allen head screw type and the handles have a really neat cocobolo or ironwood insert. The photo (scan) is not very good, but does effectively show the knifes condition and style. Evedintely these are highly sought after and no longer being made by Mr. Erickson and demascus are even more scarce! Knife is in GREAT shape

(seller's description)

 FS  $420 13APR2K

Sometimes, one smokes out another. Sometimes, one great knife appears for sale and someone else sees it and says, "Gee, I've got a knife like that in my drawer. I had no idea it was worth that much. I think I'll sell mine."

This one took 2 hours and 36 minutes to sell in the forum.

It looks like another great example of Walter Erickson's work.

Walter Erickson's balisongs are very well known and very well made with a machinist's precision and yet with an artist's touch, allen screws to adjust the piviots, but rosewood for the inserts.

This one rates a ++.

 Taylor Manila folder. 4" weehawk with sharpened false edge. Ink on the blade is in perfect condition. Wonderful, heavy, solid machined brass handles with hidden pins. The brass is absolutely perfect. Mint condition absolutely new in the original box.  SHO $55 15APR2K

These knives are just wonderfully made. As a user or as a collector, any of the Taylor Manila Folders is a great choice. This one with the heavy brass handles is a favoite of mine and of collectors and users world-wide.

At $55, this was a excellent buy. ++

 This is a most unususal folding pocket knife! I believe that it is handmade. It has such a neat locking mechanism! A friend has told me that he hs seen mechanisms like this before, but this is a first for me. It is 3+1/2 inches long closed, and 6+1/4 inches long opened. There is a barely discernable stamp on the blade that says: D.R.G.M. 274 on one side and SUPERIOR on the other. It looks as if it may date from the 1920s. The handle is bone-look-alike plastic. The knife is in excellent condition; blade is sharp, it was well cared for. It feels good in the hand, it is nice to use.

(seller's description)


Reserve Not Met at $66.00

9 bids from 4 bidders


The seller obviously doesn't know what he has.

1920 is about right for this German Superior Cutlery Model 274. The "bone-look-alike Plastic" is, of course, the dreaded celluliod.

 This is actually a rare Pacific Cutlery model. Thicker handles and blade than the typical Benchmade Production versions. Custom Quality all the way. The knife is in excellent condition the edge is razor sharp, there are hardly any signs of scratches, and the lockup is VERY TIGHT. Alignment is perfect.

The model Number is PC 401. A 440c 4 inch blade drop point with milled stainless handles. Sweet and heavy.

Check out the tang stamp. It really is a Pacific Cutlery and in superb condition too.

(seller's description)

 AZ $405  13APR2K A very fine balisong indeed. I'll rate this buy +.
PC 404 4" Weehawk Tanto with skeleton handles NIB SHO $350 15APR2K A great price for a rather rare model ++
PC Custom 5" Weehawk with factory false edge and with factory file work. Latchless skeleton handles NIB SHO $500 15APR2K This is the only time I have ever seen factory filework. But, the factory box said right on it, "w/filework." The filework, I might add, is not that exotic. Nevertheless, this is a very rare piece. ++.
BS 4" Bowie with latchless aluminum handles, EX SHO $500 15APR2K Again, I've never seen such a thing. The handles are clearly aluminum. The handles, while nice, didn't seem quite like any BS, PC, or BM piece I've ever seen. I almost wonder if the handles are not original to the blade. ??
Kelgin custom. Shiny thin machined brass handles with a unique skeleton pattern.2" California-legal utility blade with matte finish. A few minor scratches from opening on the blade, but the brass is perfect. A cute little knife. NM. SHO $50 15APR2K A very attractive little balisong ++
Advertising specialty marked "Olympic Flour" on the safe handle and Port. Flg. Mills Co." on the opposite handle. 1.75" thin utility blade with tang stamp reading "Lederer (over) Import Co. (over) Germany." Near Mint if not Mint condition. RS $19.20 14APR2K

Another fine example of miniature balisongs as promotional give-aways.


 PC Model 68 knife is Mint. With sheath. No box SHO $125 15APR2K A good price on a great knife ++
 PC Model 69 knife is Mint. With sheath. No box SHO $125 15APR2K An outstanding price on a very rare knife +++
Two Taylor Manila folders mint FS  $250 06APR2K The Taylor Manila Folders are exceptionally well-made and highly soughtafter. +
 5" BS Dealer Sample PT $350 05APR2K I wish I was the buyer on this one. "What," you may ask, "is a dealer sample?" Well, BS used to make special pieces, usually bowies, with different inserts on both sides of the handles and with the butterfly logo on both sides of the blade. This way, the knife could be displayed with either side up and show off two different looks while still showing the BS butterfly logo in both cases. These are very rare and usually go for about $700. This buyer got a great deal +++!
Miller Cutlery, Largo, Florida. Custom Balisong with black parkerized handles with blue masonite inserts and a four-inch drop-point blade. Mint condition. That the handle pins on these knives are designed to allow the knife to be disassembled. Includes fitted leather sheath.  PT $200 20APR2K Wow. A great price on a really nice knife. +++.
BM Custom 5" Simitar with mirror finish genuine ivory inserts in mirror finished latchless handles. Mint. PT $800 17APR2K Wow. What a great knife. ++
BM Model 42 NIB Pre-Production #168/200 BA $197.00 28MAY2K This is the first actual BM42 that I've seen offered for secondary-market sale. (One dealer tried to auction BM42s that he had not yet even received). Demand for this new knife has been huge as evidenced by this sale. While due to BM's distribution of these knives, it may be some months before they're actually shipping them, may of the "discount" mail-order, .com dealers are taking orders for the BM42 at about $108. When they finally come, those will not be the specially marked "Pre-Production" pieces. As a collector's piece, it's quite reasonable to pay $197 for this when those dealers who do have them are asking about $150. For a collector, $47 isn't much of a premium to pay to get this special knife into your collection. As a user, though, $90 is a lot of preimum to pay to get it a few months earlier. Since I don't know what the buyer has in mind, I'm not going to rate this sale.

A pair of high quality scissors are the
crowning glory of the very old combination
utility pocket tool. The handles are made of
ivory.. would you believe? The ivory is
somewhat damaged but I believe they could
be changed by using piano keys from an old
piano. See your local tuner! . 2 3/8" closed, a
lethal 1 1/4" blade on the knife. A finger nail
cleaner a a very special nail file on the
normal file are groves which I have never
used until I unearthed this item. The groves
work better than any nail file I have tried.

(seller's description)

 EB  $31.00 28MAY2K

While not strictly a balisong, this little item did attract my attention. What a great old piece, a precursor of the "modern" multi-tool. Notice the very balisong-like latch.


Anyway, I thought I'd put it here just for interest.

Very unusual English balisong pocket knife with silver handles with hallmarks. The hallmarks document this knife as having been made by William Morton of Sheffield, England in 1896. Despite its age, this knife is NM  SHO $125 03JUN2K What can I say? I'm delighted to have purchased this historic balisong. I think this purchase rates a +.
Bali-Song Cutlery Custom 4" Utility with brass handles and elephant ivory inserts. Mint. Les De Asis identified this as one of the first customs with inserts. SHO $500 03JUN2K An excellent buy, probably about 2/3 of what this knife is worth. ++
Erickson custom 4" deep belly bowie with stainless steel handles and pure white ivory inserts. All mirror polished. Mint  SHO $450 03JUN2K Probably one of a kind and that there'll never be another like it. Mr. Erickson's design with two tang pins and with disassemblable joints is quite unique. +
Benchmade Custom 5" Weehawk with skelton handles and a very uncommon bead-blasted finish overall. Mint SHO $220 03JUN2K An excellent purchase. This knife is quite unique, quite rare. Easily worth three times the price. +++
Benchmade Custom 4" Weehawk with skeleton handles mirror polished oeverall. Mint SHO $200 03JUN2K Another very good purchase. This knife is also quite unique and quite rare and is easily worth two to three times the price +++

unused Model 11 tanto with 3" blade with the box and sheath. It is never cut anything but it has been lightly played with so there are a few light scratches on the latch and butt of the handles.

(seller's description)

FS $100 07JUN2K Damage on the latch almost always means damage to the blade edge. And, you can't find that damage on the edge, it usually means reground. Yes, manipulation damage cuts into the value of a balisong very quickly. But, I still thing this one probably went for a little less than it's worth. A good buy +

Valor Pen and Pencil Set balisong


(seller's description)

EB $50 04JUN2K

With its less than two inch blade, this balisong is California legal, so e-bay let it go. This knife was not made by Valor, but was rather imported by them from an asian source. It's still well-made.

However, I think this price is a bit high. -

A collection of eight BM custom Bali-Songs


All good condition - flipped knives guaranteed to be early Benchmades. One brass - one salesman sample and the rest are solid stainless

(seller's description).


Reserve NOT met at $1100

1 bid from 1 bidder

 06JUN2K Quite a display. Unfortunately, the seller didn't give any details about the condition of these knives except to say that they have been manipulated. That raises a lot of questions. Look around on this page and you can see how even slight manipulation damage can easily half the value of a balisong. The picture is to wide a shot to see much detail. The piece on the right with the bone inserts seems to have very loose inserts. I've never seen a salesman's sample with skeletonized handles, either. So, there's a lot of questions here.
 Pacific Cuterly Model 68 NIB EB

Reserve not met @$120

1 bid from 1 bidder

14JUN2K The eBay police missed this one and the auction completed, but it still didn't sell because of the reserve price. This just goes to show that eBay isn't a good place to try and sell a balisong these days. Because they all get terminated, nobody looks there anymore.

 This is a beauty of a small knife by Ken Largin. It came from an estate collection and I would date it to the late 1980's or early1990's. It has an overall length of 5 3/8 inches with a 2 3/8 inch blade. Closed it is 3 1/8 inches long and fits in a small leather pouch. Blade is marked "Kelgin U.S.A." Unsure of materials, but handles look like a nickel silver with rosewood or dark walnut inlays. Fit and finish are expertly done with nice corners and flush inlay joints. Condition is excellent, unused, and unsharpened. It has been opened and closed a few times, but does not affect its as new condition.

(seller's description)

 EB $114.00 11JUL2K Ken Largin's balisongs are very well-made and highly sought after. This one looks like a very fine piece. ++
This unique knife is the Waltco Saf-T-Sheath folding knife. The Saf-T-Sheath is designed to be a quality hunting knife that will fold up into the handle and allow you to carry it in your pocket. The folding handles are in fabulous shape. I'm not sure what the handles are plated with, but they are still quite shiny and the brown colored inserts are in good shape with a little pocket wear and one that has shrunk some with age. The blade has been sharpened, but is in good shape with a nice patina. The knife is 8 1/4" long when opened up and 4 5/8" long closed. The blade is marked "WALTCO SAF-T-SHEATH" and the tang is marked "MADE IN U.S.A." On the back of each part of the handle, it is marked
"SAF-T-SHEATH OUTDOOR KNIFE, A WALTCO PRODUCT." There is a spring on the end that snaps and locks the knife
opened or closed. This is a very unique and interesting knife!
 EB $37.77 04JUL2K

Here's a bit of balisong history. The Waltco Saf-T-Sheath was one of the earliest examples of an American-made production balisong. Notice the interesting latch. Overall, not a bad buy on a bit of history. +

Notice the comment about the handle inserts having "shrunk some with age." Those inserts are celluloid, so the good professor must offer his lesson on celluloid handles.

 ok this is the last of my bali-song coll.
i have a custom turnbull that is big i mean big it is 12 1/2 " long high polish blade s.s handles with red mic. inlays it been in show case for about six years

(seller's description)

 FS  $500.00  19JUL2K

Wow. This sounds like a great balisong.


 i have a custom bali-song the blade and handles are both power coated/ or bead
blasted only played with a few times has
a 31/2 " blade with false edge on top paid 350.00 in 1986 was made in 1985

(Seller's description)

 FS $350.00 16JUL2K Description is a bit vauge. I don't know if this is a Benchmade custom Bali-Song or not. But, for a custom balisong, this is a good price. +
PC Custom Skeleton Handles w/latch, 5" Kris, NM PT $1500.00 10JUL2K

No, I am not either buyer or seller in this transaction.

This does illustrate the very high price that excellent Kris blades command.

IMHO, this one went cheap ++

This is a Frost USA Butterfly knife that looks just like the Bear Butterfly knives. Perhaps even Frost has them made by the Bear
Company. They are both just as sharp of a blade. There may be some very slight nicks in the finish, because these knives do not
have anysort of individual package for them.

(seller's description)

 EB $10.50  23JUL2K Wow! Those handles sure are neon green. No, there is no relationship between Bear and Frost. The skeleton pattern on the handles of this Frost piece is much different than Bear's and doesn't have the fatal design flaw that Bear suffers. Anyway, this certainly is a very green and very interesting piece. ++


(seller's description)

 EB $134 25JUL2K A fine example of Bontgen and Saben's nice butterfly pocket knives, probably made in the early to mid1900s. The Ivory looks to be in pretty good shape, but the blade has just been devastated. "Oh," you might say, "But it looks so nice and shinny and even sharp." Well, that's the problem. This poor blade has been cruely reground. You can see in the picture that it's been ground down upwards of 20%. Soemtime, digital pictures can be hard to judge blade finishes in, but this one appears to be rather polished. I was surprised at how high this one went (almost twice my maximum bid) and I'll give it a -. Sorry. It's really an interesting antique butterfly, just not that interesting, IMHO.

BM 42S 1st Production

 42S 1ST-PRODUCTION #363/500

FS $110 30JUL2K Assuming the knife is NIB, this was a great buy. ++

I have a BM-42A plain edge with blue/purple anodized handles.serial numbered/It's the first production run. I don't have the box for it,and it only has been flipped a few times.It's one of the first BM-42 I've seen with excellent Ti-handle castings.I can't find any factory defects,this is a nice one.

(Seller's description)

 FS $130 04AUG2K Sounds like a good deal to me. ++

 Hello I/ve got a NIB Benchmade 35 original hollywood version with original box and all paperwork for sale. $210

(seller's description

FS $210 29AUG2K Sold in about 40 minutes.How valuable? I'll give this purchase a ++

 Pacific Cutlery custom weehawk. 3 inch blade skeletonized handles. Marked Bali-Song USA. It has a menacing 'old school' swedge much like the BM42. If you;'ve seen custom weehawks (hidden pins ofcourse) it loks like a baby version. The top swedge, (ofcourse with all customs) is sharpened. This knife is not nib and under excellent due to makrks in the inner handle and latch. THe blade needs sharpeneing too. Bad looking (scratched up an abused)

(seller's description)

 FS $325 07SEP2K Sold in about a half-hour on the for-sale forum. This sounds like a great knife at a good price. I'll say +.

 Pacific Cutlery custom weehawk. Heavyweight 3 inch weehawk blade with upper false edge sharpened. Marked Bali-Song USA. This knife is absolutely new in box.. even the latch doesn't have any scratches. Includes sheath. It
has a grey bead blasted 'military' finish to it.

(seller's description)

FS $400 07SEP2K Sold in about a half-hour on the for-sale forum. The unusual bead blasted finish. That's very uncommon. Very nice. NIB. I'm gonna have to say ++.
 Taylor Manila Folder (in box) and an unknown ninja II. Not sure who the ninja is made by.
got them both for £15 (about $22)
 PT $22 15AUG2K A rare report coming out of the UK. The "Ninja" could be either Taylor or Valor. Since it's with the other Taylor, it might be Taylor too. The Manila Folder are highly sought-after. I'm gonna award this the highly sought-after Traveling Best Buy Trophy. +++

Estate Knife Collection - Bali-Song Folding Knife, Folds into Its Own Case. excellent condition, looks new to me looks to me like its a signed limited edition #36/200 (see photos)
no sheath or holder signed Bali-Song

(Seller's Description)

 EB  $451  13AUG2K Yes, I am the buyer. The knife really isn't in excellent condition and certainly doesn't look new to me. The tang pin is very worn and the knife does not lock open at all. The latch has a few nicks from manipulation and the back of the safe handle is also marked from manipulation. But, the edge is curiously perfect. How can this be? How can there be nicks on the latch without nicks on the edge? Well, the edge has been expertly sharpened. It's a good job and hard to tell. But, it clearly has been sharpened. The Bowie blade was obviously ground (and a nice hollow grind as always) by Jody Samson. But the edge, while great, is not Mr. Samson's work. It's an excellent example of an early BS Custom Bowie. I'll rate myself at ok on this buy. I don't think I got ripped off, but it's not quite what was being sold. No bargain for The Balisong Collector Himself this time.

 Benchmade Balisong w/ utility blade. Blade is 3 1/4" from handle to tip. Overall 7 1/2" Locking link has some scratches going across it (see pic). Handle has some very light scratches on top and bottom of handle (in closed position). Blade looks to have sort of a semi-mirror polish. There is a very, very tiny knick in the blade about 1/2" from the tip(you need to look close to see it, but if you run your fingernail across it you will feel it. Also the very edge of the tip may be knicked. I believe these knicks can be very easily and quickly cleaned up.

I've had this for about 6-7 years, but I dont recall using it other that opening envelopes when i first got it. Sheath is the Horizontal wear type.

(seller's description)

FS  $100 15AUG2K Unfortunately, the damage the seller talks so honestly about is due to manipulation. Never the less, these are getting harder to find. So, I'll give this buy a +.



"A very exceptional WW2 vintage butterfly knife that is in great condition. There was a light coat of rust and much crude removed and cleaning
revealed a jewel
. There is light staining on the blade. The blade is very well ground and still razor sharp. The handle is horn and bone. One minut
worm hole in horn . Handle pinned with copper pins. Blade 4 1/4" .Handle 5" long. This is the REAL MCCOY. No reserve."

(seller's description, emphasis added)

 EB 51.00  29AUG99 Probably a reasonably nice and reasonably valuable FHM with bone handles until the seller tried to remove the rust by polishing the blade and thus ruined the knife as a collectible. I wish I had grabbed a copy of the picture. The blade was practially mirror-polished right up to the tang which was still original finish. IMHO, the buyer bought a virtually worthless knife. The seller might have got $75 - 100 had the knife not been "improved".


(seller's description)

 EB    07SEP99

This in not a butterfly knife at all. In fact, I have never seen a Nazi balisong knife that wasn't an obvious fake. I have german-made balisongs that well pre-date WWII, so I know that he balisong design was in Germany at the time. Maybe Hitler didn't like balisongs because I've never seen a genuine Nazi-era balisong.

What we have here is a "paratrooper's knife" and not even a genuine Nazi piece either. At least the seller lists it honestly as a reproduction.

Here's everything I know and care to know about Nazi cutlery: most of it is fake. One collector lamented to me that Taiwan has made a hundred times as many Nazi knives than Nazi Germany ever did. Many of the fakes are quite good. So, if you are interested in Nazi cutlery, be very careful.

"Silver Butterfly Knife -- Overall length is 9 inches. Blade length is 4 inches. Scalloped type handle. Made by Rostfrei. Nice, smooth action. New in box, never been sharpened or used. Silver colored handle."

(seller's description, emphasis added)

 EB    09SEP99 Sellers should learn a little about what they're selling. Rostfrei is not a maker. It is German for Rust Free and indicates stainless steel. Most balisongs I have seen marked Rostfrei were not even made in Germany.


(seller's description)

 EB   13SEP99 "Bowling ball handles"? Now there's a new term for skeleton handles.

 "A True Jaguar Balisong Butterfly Knife Copy."

(seller's description)

BA   03DEC99 Yes, folks, this is a "true copy". I just hate those fake copies.

 "This knife flips open to reveal a 4 inch blade. Made with solington steel."

(Seller's description)

YH   06APR2K Yes, that famous "Solington" Steel.

Kung Fu Butterfly Knife #sw0025 Regular price: $43.95 Sale price $37.36. 19" long, weighs 2lbs. Brown leather wrapped handguard, chrome finished blades; not sharpened. Knife comes in pair.

(Seller's description)

    This is another style of knife (more like short swords) that are called "Butterfly Knives". Here's everything that I know about them: they just about always come in pairs. They are traditionally displayed crossed as seen in this picture. They are somehow associated with Kung Fu martial arts. And, finally and most importantly, they are not balisongs. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!"

 Pacific Cutlery Corp, Bali-Song Butterfly knife w/ drop point blade. This is part of the Barry B. Wood Folder series. The knife is mint and is 6 1/2" in overall length. Box is a little worn, but it's complete with all paperwork. A very NEAT knife!

(Seller's Description)

 EB     A neat knife indeed. There weren't many of these made. While it kind of looks like a balisong with chunky handles, it is not. Notice that there is only one pivot pin which secures both handles to the blade. The lock mechanism is completely different. And it's not suitable for manipulation in the balisong style. Nice knife, though, and a great piece of PC history. But, it just ain't got that swing.

 As my sainted father used to say, "Nothing is completely useless; it can always serve as a bad example."


 LEGENDARY - Super rare collector's item - handmade brown leather Benchmade Balisong custom leather sheath, sought after hard to find. This leather sheath was only made for a period of 3 years before Benchmade discontinued them. It fits the 4 inch blade BM balisong series.

It is in near mint condition.

...if it doesn't go at a reasonable bid then I dunno if i still want to part with it.

... I have examined it again recently and it is in tip top shape. A balisong fanatic's word of honour.

(Seller's description)

 EB $62.00 13NOV99

Yes, this is a fine treasure for any Benchmade and/or Bali-Song collector. These were never actually "in production." They were always hand made by one craftsman. His untimely death ended the offering.

I'd have been excited about this one, but, believe it or not, I just bought several just like it NIB (a lost cache situation). I don't mind saying that I paid a bit more than this. So, I'll award this buyer a +++.

Now, as to the sellers last comments about not wanting to sell if the auction doesn't go as high as he wants it to: My friend, that's what minimum bids and published reserves are for. The tools exist to assure you a minimum price. If you don't use 'em, it's your fault. You are now legally obligated, if not duty-bound, to sell that sheath. If your "balisong fanatic's word of honour" means anything, then get busy and find a suitable shipping box.

 The Advanced Balisong Manual By Jeff Imada. 1986. Used. EB $9.00 13NOV99 Not exactly a collectible inasmuchas it's still in publication and can be ordered new at most any good book store, but it's an interesting thing to include here anyway. The cover price on this book is $12.95. By the time you pay shipping, I suspect that this used one will cost more than a brand new one ordered through a local book store would have. That earns the buyer a - - IMHO.

you are bidding on on1 pressur point chart which measures 23" wide & 34" long, and one paper back book (the butterfly manual by Donald S. Bitanga. this measures 8x10 with 64 pages showing in detail how to use a butterfly knife

(seller's description)

EB $15.50 14DEC99

You can see my comments about Mr. Bitanga's book on my book review page.

I haven't seen this book offered for sale very often. $15 is maybe about average, so I'll say OK.

 The Balisong Manual by Jeff Imada is an instructional book on the use of the famous Filipino Balisong (butterfly) knife. Shows you how to open and close the knife with ease. Lots of pictures and explainations. 11"x8.5", 127 pages. Buyer pays shipping charge of $4.00

(seller's description)

EB $7.50 18DEC99

You can see my comments about Mr. Imada's book on my book review page

This book is still in print and can be purchased brand new at finer bookstores everywhere for a cover price of $12.95. Amazon lists it for $10 (plus shipping). Paying $11.50 for it used qualifies for a - at best.

 this is a bali-song butterfly knife holder or pouch. nice excellent condition.

(seller's description)

 EB $20.50 18DEC99 WOW! Add this one to the "are you insane!?!" file. You can still order this thing new from BM for about half that! Sorry, but a big - - on that buy.
 The Balisong Manual by Jeff Imada EB $14.99 27DEC99 WOW! We have a new winner of the traveling "Are You Insane!?! Trophy." As I noted above, this book is still very much in print and Amazon lists this book new for $10 (plus a few bucks shipping). This guy paid $14.99 plus $3.50 s/h, and the auction description doesn't even promise new.

 The Balisong Manual, ... Book is slightly worn (not new). Buyer pays shipping charge of $3.00.

(seller's description)

EB $11.00 02JAN00 $14.00 total??? That's better than the award-winning $18.49 paid by the last buyer. But, this one says, "Book is slightly worn". This is still more than you'd pay for this book new from and still earns a --.
 The Balisong Manual by Jeff Imada EB $9.00 03JAN00 Yet another copy of Mr. Imada's fine book. Finally, someone makes a good buy on it. This listing says, "Buyer to pay postage", so we can assume that this smart buyer will pay only the actual postage, similar to what you would pay buying from Amazon and this buyer paid less than Amazon's list price for the book. Still, though, for a dollar more, I'd have gone with Amazon and avoided all the uncertainties of an auction. But, I'll still say this auction was an ok buy.

 Balisong knife video by Jeff Imada. Learn how to use the butterfly knife, from openings and closings, to actual use.

(seller's description)

EB $26.50  09JAN00  This tape is also widely available new from AWMA among others typically for about $20-$25 plus shipping.  So, I gotta rate this buy a -. (I'm not gonna give it the award, though, because it's not quite as bad as paying $18.49 for a book that Amazon lists for $10+s/h.

 The Manipulation Manual for the "Balisong" knife, by Tom Wei Ding and Tom Wei Toi, published in 1983 by Sunrider Corporation of New York.

With nicely done black-and-white pictures, the authors demonstrate basic manipulations, sheaths and draws, sharpening and maintenance, and even show some combative applications. This copy is in excellent condition.

 SCD  $40.00  14FEB2K This is a rare book. Not many copies were made.


(seller's description)

 EB $20.50 14FEB2K

 You can see my comments about Mr. Bitanga's book on my book review page.

I haven't seen this book offered for sale very often. $15 is maybe about average, so I'll say - for this one.

 A genuine Bali-Song Cutlery sheath which has obviously taken a bit of use but is
still a rare example of the hand-made Bali-Song leather sheaths.

(this is my description of this sheat after personally inspecting it)

 PT $75.00 15MAR2K

As I said in my description, "a rare example of the hand-made Bali-Song leather sheaths"


 BALISONG -- IRON BUTTERFLY by Cacoy "Boy" Hernandez, "Being the life and times of a fighting man (The years 1947-1951)"

Printed in Great Britain by Anchor Brendon Ltd, with U.S. Distributor Sakura / Dragon Corporation. Copyright1985, first published June 1985, Second impression March 1986. Paperbound with glossy cover, 6" x 9", 98 pages. Illustrated, in black and white

 EB $41.00 08APR2K

This book really isn't that much about balisongs as it is about Cacoy Hernandez who has been called the last of the great escrimadors. It's an entertaining biography of a colorful man.

The one offered here is the long out-of-print hard cover edition. This book is still available in soft cover from for about nine dollars.

If the buyer bought it to learn balisong manipulation, it was a very bad buy. If the buyer bought it just for the text, that was a mistake. But, if the buyer bought it as a collectible book, well then, I don't know since I'm not a book collector.

 The Balisong Manual by Jeff Imada

Retails for $12.95 paperback in very good condition...winning bidder pays $4.00 shipping and handling.

(seller's description)

 EB $7.00 09APR2K Well, $4 for S/H seems a bit much to me. You can send it book rate for about a dollar. Most any book store can order it in for you for the $12.95 cover price. So, to pay $11.00 for a used copy is only a $1.95 savings. I'm still going to say -

Campbell, Gary Cagaanan, Sonny Umpad. The blinding speed of the balisong, can be yours. Three experts have combined their knowledge to show you the basics of concealing, drawing, flipping and gripping the balisong. This book is for information purposes only. The book measures 5-1/2 inches by 8-1/2 inches, 192 pages, soft cover.

(seller's description)

EB  $9.99 01JUN2K This book is nicely done, has good photographs etc. It covers only basic, combative openings etc., and then proceeds to some knife combatives. The authors are all respected authorities. This book is still in print and has a cover price well above this price. So, even after postage, this was a good buy on a good book. +
Campbell, Gary Cagaanan, Sonny Umpad.
 EB $10.50 05JUN2K Same book as above. Different seller, though. Still a good buy +

* All prices are in US Dollars. Unless otherwise noted, prices do not include shipping and handling, etc.