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To purchase a knife, just e-mail me. Be sure to indicate which knife or knives you want (you might want to include a second choice in case your first is already sold), and include your postal ZIP code so I can look up shipping costs.

If you have questions about a specific piece, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to answer. Remember, I have these knives in my possession right now and so I can double-check any detail you might be concerned about.

You may click on any picture to see a higher-resolution view. These open in a new window. You may need to bypass any pop-up blocking software you have.

The Rules of the House

I hate "fine print", but there are a few things we should get straight

I have examined these items. I took the pictures. And I wrote the descriptions. I believe they're accurate.

I try to mark items "sold" immediately. If it's not marked, then there's a good chance it's available. All sales are first-come, first-served. When e-mailing for a specific item, you may want to indicate a second choice in case your first is sold.

Prices are in US Dollars and do not include shipping and handling which will be added at actual cost. Please include your zip code when you place your order so that I can tell you how much shipping will be.

When payment is by cashier's check, money order, or wire-transfer, I send the items immediately (within a few days). If you choose to send a personal check, I have to wait seven days for clearance (sometimes longer on international checks). I can't accept credit cards or Paypal, sorry.

All knives include a seven-day, no-fault return privilege. Just return the knife post-paid and undamaged within seven days and I'll refund your purchase price. You risk only the postage.

International buyers are welcome. It's perfectly legal to export a balisong out of the US. However, some nations have restrictions on importing them. You are responsible to comply with your nation's laws and are responsible for any customs-related losses. Don't worry. I've sold many balisongs internationally. E-mail me and we'll figure the whole thing -- payment, shipping, etc. -- out.

The buyer is responsible to comply with local laws regarding the legality of owning a balisong in his area. By making an offer to purchase a balisong from this page, the would-be buyer represents that he may lawfully buy and own a balisong.


PABU KNIVES Custom Balisong (and sometimes other knives) currently for sale are on a separate page.

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You may click on any picture to see a higher-resolution view. These open in a new window. You may need to bypass any pop-up blocking software you have.

Item H1, first on the block for this new sale, is a great Walter Erickson custom balisong with solid steel, channel-style handles with great Rainbow Wood inserts. Rainbow wood is a semi-man-made product. It's made by laminating layers of different kinds of exotic woods and then cutting the resulting block at an angle. So, while the wood is all natural, the rainbow-effect is created. It's still very beautiful and very exotic-looking. This is a big, heavy balisong with plenty of blade.

$550 Sold:

And the buyer says: Man I like this Erickson!

Item H2 is Gemini #12 by Darrel Ralph. Launched in January of 2001, Project Gemini was the first balisong project by a major custom maker in years. Project Gemini launched the modern balisong renaissance. Only 25 Gemini works were made. This is your chance to own a significant piece of balisong history. You can read all about Project Gemini by clicking HERE. I'm pleased to say that #12 with its Desert Ironwood inserts is in virtually mint condition.


Item H3 is a Bali-Song Cutlery (I know, type-O on the picture) custom Weehawk with Ivory Micarta inserts in the stainless steel handles. The beautifully-hollow-ground blade is Samson-ground and has a sharp false-edge. The grind lines on this blade are just beautiful. The median ridge is straight and crisp. This is a beautiful Samson blade. The blade stock measurement in the picture is not a type-O. It's 11/64 inch. I've measured it multiple times. I've checked my calipers. It's 11/64th. That's very unusual. There is some minor damage to the tip and a bit of latch damage as well. But, given how well-done this blade is, it's a wonderful piece. The front of the blade has the Bali-Song Butterfly tang stamp without (r). The back reads "Bali-Song <over> U.S.A." It comes with a nylon sheath which may or may not be original to the knife but certainly fits it in all ways.

$500. SOLD.

While you wipe that drool off your keyboard, let me tell you a bit about this very rare custom Bali-Song. Three-Inch customs are rare. The tanto blade is even rarer in three-inch... plus, this one is double hollow-ground (a lot of tantos are flat-ground). Damascus steel in custom Bali-Songs is very rare. I don't know who made this Damascus, but it's very pretty stuff and seems to be high-carbon. It's got a great etch with great contrast. And, while most custom Bali-Songs have thicker blade stock, this one is made from 1/8" stock, probably because it's Damascus. The front of the blade has the Bali-Song butterfly tang stamp with (r) which is almost lost in the pattern of the Damascus (It shows up better in the high-res picture. Click on the picture above to see that version.). The back reads "Bali-Song <over> U.S.A." This custom Bali-Song, which is near-mint condition, is rare upon rare upon rare. If you don't buy this one, you will not find another one like this. It comes with a nylon sheath which may or may not be original to the knife but certainly fits it in all ways.

$995 SOLD.

And now, a few left-overs from Sale G.

Click the picture to see a larger version, 256K

Item G5 is another heavy, brass handled balisong and another fine example of Jody Samson's hollow-grind. This time, it's a clipped Bowie. About 9" overall open. This one is sterile. There is one little dimple on the beam of the latch from hitting the tip of the blade. Fortunately, the latch is soft brass and the hard steel blade is undamaged. It has 100% original edge with no damage to the edge at all. With no damage to the blade and no other damage to the handles, I don't believe that the dimple on the latch beam are from manipulation. It comes with a nylon sheath that may not be original. Otherwise, this knife is in excellent condition.


Click the picture to see a larger version, 339K

Item G6 is one of the more interesting pieces in this collection. It's another blade ground by Jody Samson but it's flat-ground. Mr. Samson made this blade outside of B.S./P.C./B.M. It's a 3-incher with an interesting sort of bellied Weehawk with a great swedge. The "SAMSON (over) U.S.A." etch was added by the dealer and is not authentic, but doesn't detract. The handles are aluminum. There are a few minor dimples on the latch beam, but the latch is aluminum is also a soft metal so the steel blade is also undamaged. There is no other damage. Other wise, the knife is in
excellent to near-mint (if not for the etch) condition. It comes with a nylon Bali-Song sheath that is obviously not original.


Click the picture to see a larger version, 345K

Item G7 is a simple utility-blade with a shallow hollow grind. It's sterile. It's about 9" long overall open. It has skeletonized stainless steel handles. There are a few minor dimples on the beam and a few minor scratches on the blade, but otherwise in excellent condition. It comes with a Nylon sheath believed to be original


Click the picture to see a larger version, 385K

Item G12 is a big, Spanish-style bowie sort of blade. It's 6 3/16" closed and 10 7/8" open. The handles are Aluminum. The blade was ground by Jody Samson, but the etch "SAMSON (over) U.S.A." on the blade was added by the
dealer later. It is not authentic, but it doesn't detract to much. There are four tiny dimples on the Aluminum latch beam, but the blade is undamaged and there is no other damage to report. It comes in an unmarked nylon sheath that may or may not be authentic. This is a big knife in excellent to near-mint (except for the etching) and the blade is really a great.