Basilisk A New Line of Balisong Knives by Jerry Hom The skeletonized handles not only reveal a little bit of the blade to see, but reduce the weight. An all-stainless-steel balisong like this might be a heavy piece. But, Basilisk tilts the scales at just 4.73 ounces (134g). A common flaw of sandwich-style balisongs is that the sharp edge of the blade comes too close to the open side of the handles when the knife is closed. You can run your finger down the side of the handles and end up cut. But, Mr. Hom has avoided that pitfall completely. When open, the Basilisk measures about 9.2 inches (23.4cm) overall length. It's 5.35 inches long (13.6cm) making if very typical of what is often called a four-inch balisong, by far the most popular and comfortable size. The blade is about 0.73 inches (1.85cm) wide at its widest point and is just about exactly four inches (10.16cm) long using the ATKI protocol. A closed Basilisk is about 1.33 inches (3.38cm) wide at its widest point. In short, the Basilisk is just about the optimum size and weight for manipulation and a good size for carry too. Mr. Hom offers the Basilisk balisong for the remarkable price of just $289, significantly less than you'd expect to pay for a custom knife of this caliber. A variety of Micarta colors are available. There's a lot more information and also information about ordering your own Basilisk on Mr. Hom's website,