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If you've visited before, here's where you can tell what's been added, changed, and improved. Minor tweaks and corrections are not noted here. Sales in the Shameless Commerce Division are not noted here (but they do show up as updates to the Market Watch). If you see a problem anywhere on the site or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know.

The Shameless Commerce Division is OPEN FOR BUSINESS with a whole new collection of top-rate balisongs for sale.

This list does not include routine updates or minor changes or corrections.

 Date Link Change
 12JUN08    New Vault Exhibit: Butterfly Roses by Audra Draper
 12JUN08    Installed Topo Gigio by Dennis Greenbaum on permanent exhibit in Gallery E
 28MAY08    The Jerry Hom Basilisk Balisong goes under the microscope.
 21SEP07    A few new Terry Guinns. The man continues to produce extraordinary work.
 02JUL07    Spencer Alan Reiter's first balisong exclusively debuts.... where else?... here, on The Balisong Collector's Site.
 12NOV06   Pabu Knife presents the latest adition the Heros and Kings Collection, Lapu Lapu
 05NOV06  Three major new exhibits of custom balisongs by Terry Guinn
 15MAY06   Sale J is now Open
 29APR06  Added a major new review of Spyderco's new Szabofly with lots of great pictures
 05JAN05    Pabu has done it again. I've added yet another extraordinary custom knife exhibit.
 05NOV05  New Vault Exibit, the Benchmade 46DM. The Kris is now in the main Gallery
 15OCT05   Daguhoy, a new Heros And Kings Collection balisong from Pabu Knife
 24SEP05  New Vault Exhibt, a Bali-Song Custom Kris
 11SEP05     Shameless Commerce Divison Sale H is now open. Expect more items to be added in the near future.
 08SEP05    Introducing Pabu Lifetime, the perfect silverware for The Balisong Collector
11JUL05     New Vault Exhibit -- Dennis Greenbaum's Topo Gigio
26JUN05     Added a separate page for Pabu knives offered for sale.
 28APR05    Two new Typhoons have blown in for the Gallery
 23APR05    What can I say but Pabu strikes again. This time, it's Lakandual.
 07APR05   Added the RB Special Exhibit. Another great Pabu Knife balisong.
 24MAR05    EDC-1. What can I say but Pabu Knife has done it again.
 02JAN05    New vault exhibit of three balisongs by Ralph Turnbull
 29DEC04    Presenting CBRB1, an outstanding new custom balisong by Pabu Knife
11SEP04     Added a major new exhibit, The Rock and Roll Balisong, a Typhoon by Dennis Greenbaum
 05JUL04   Presenting, "Balisongs and Caviar," a major new exhibit of three outstanding balisong knives from Pabu Cultery.
 30MAY04  Added a review of the new Spyderco Spyderfly
 14SEP03 As part of the festivities celebrating the unveiling of the new gallery exhibit of a Larry Davidson Hornet with ivory inserts scrimshawed by Bob Hergert, Professor Roland Phlip of the Institute for Advanced Balisong Studies gave an informative lecture on Ivory.
 14SEP03  Added yet another major gallery exhibit. This time, it's a stunning Larry Davidson Hornet with ivory inserts scrimshawed by Bob Hergert. You've gotta check this out!
 02AUG03 link Added a review of a review of Darrel Ralph's balisongs that appeared in Knife and Life Magazine
21MAR03 Added a major new gallery exhibit, four balisong knives by Terry Guinn.
 09NOV02 Added a major new feature, The Balisong Collector's Guide to model numbers for current Benchmade Bali-Songs
 29JUN02 Added my report from BladeShow 2002. Aside from being jam-packed with all the latest industry info from BladeShow, this report also marks the first use of Macromedia Flash Technology here on The Balisong Collector's Site. For more information about Flash, click HERE
 19JUN02   Added a major new review article reviewing Cold Steel's new balisong, Arc Angel
 12APR02 Added a new Gallery exhibit of a wonderful rehandled Bali-Song.
 15FEB02   By extra special arrangement, The Balisong Collector Himself is pleased to offer you original Balisong Art Posters. You'll love 'em!
03FEB02   Added a great new feature, The Balisong Quick Start Guide, a guide for the new user to get started.


Split the "What's New" page archiving the old record HERE. The new table will run in reverse-chronological order which is often easier to use.

Added a new wall paper image of the BM31

Added a major new review of the new BM31 complete with thirty pictures.



Wow. I made a big mistake. I wrote a nice, if brief review of the BM42BLK, 43BLK, and 47BLK Bali-Songs and then simply forgot to ever link it in.No wonder it hasn't gotten any hits. Sorry. It's all linked in now.

Added the lost Black Ti wall paper images to the wall paper page