The Old "What's New" Page The evolution of the site from October '99 through December '01


This site started originally as back in the Spring of 1998. In October of 1999, I decided to start keeping a log of major changes and additions. It's been helpful to me in managing the site. It's also a handy reference for my infrequent visitors since they can easily see what's been changed or added since their last visit.

 Date Link Change


Added the "What's New" page

Redid the vault so that the pictures are smaller but you can click on them to see the larger, more detailed images.

 02OCT99   Added some more links


I've added a new source code to the Market Watch, The Balisong Collector's Shameless Commerce Division, to clearly distinguish those knives sold via my new Shameless Commerce Division page. I have personally examined all knives sold via the SCD, I wrote the descriptions, I assigned the grades, and I set the prices. So, depending on what you think of me and my opinions, you may want to weigh those sales accordingly when considering the value of similar balisongs you may have.

More Manufacturer's marks.



Added a new link or two and expanded the descriptions of a few more.

Added a definition of Micarta.


Elaborated on the opening page a bit.

Changed the icons for maker's and production marks. (Basically, my favorite clip-art site put some new stuff up which I liked better. And no, I won't tell you where I get my clip-art. Get you own clip-art.).



Added updated information about Ken Elgin and Kelgin knives.

Closed the first sale of the Shameless Commerce Division. Stay tuned for future sales of collectible balsiongs.

Updated the Market Watch including the much awaited review of the Italian Balisong I recently purchased.



Ok, ok. I'm not done with them, but I'll show you what I've got so far on my lists and reviews of balisong training books and videos and also my list of popular movies with balisongs in them.


My fellow movie critic, The Balisong Doctor himself, has added two new movies.

Welcome noted balisong authority Professor Roland Phlip who teaches a valuable lesson about celluloid to elaborate on my descriptions of two knifes added to the market watch



Added Arnis Prasas Style and Balisong by Grandmaster Ernesto A. Prasas to my books page.

Added a definition for Celluloid since it came up the other day.

 30OCT99   Well, I've finally got a few of the essays I've planned written and posted. There not all there yet and there'll be more to come, but here's a start anyway.
 06NOV99   Professor Roland Phlip teaches a small class about Benchmade Factory 2nd Bali-Songs as two new 2nds were added to the Market Watch
 13NOV99   Added a new section to the market watch for "Balisong-related collectibles and stuff" to record a couple of recent interesting sales of balisong-related stuff.
 14NOV99   Wow, a whole new section! It's The Balisong Parade. I needed a place to put up some of the interesting pictures that people send me of their balisongs. Here it is. (Yes, I'm looking for a better icon for it).
 16NOV99   Added net another custom maker interested in making balisongs. And, added API International Combative Arts Association.
 17NOV99 Added a new essay on the factors I consider when estimating the value of a collectible balisong. 
 25NOV99   A couple of new entries in the parade 
 12DEC99   Added " The Punisher". No review, but just a mention
 04JAN2K   Expanded Professor Roland Phlip's monograph on Benchmade 2nds just a bit with some new information.
 15JAN2K   Added Mel Gibson's new flick "Payback". I recommend it. There's only one balisong scene and it's brief and not totally flashy, but it's really well done and the movie is worth seeing.


Added two new wallpaper images

Spruced up the opening page just a little bit.

 23JAN2K    A couple more titles
 30JAN2K    Opened the next great Shameless Commerce Division sale.
 13FEB2K   A wonderful new entry



While all of you spent your valentine's day courting your favorite someone special, I spent mine getting to know someone new. Of course, my "someone new" is Benchmade's new Bali-Song, the model 42. (Don't feel sad for me, my girlfriend is out of town this week hosting a visiting head of state... yes, really!).

The Shameless commerce division is now closed. Those who want to grab copies of the higher-resolution pictures of these pieces should do so now as those will go away shortly.

 21FEB2K  BM42 Added pictures!
 27FEB2K    Moved all the results to the Market Watch page.


Officially moved to the new site, I updated just about every page on the site to reflect new addresses, etc. While you may not see a lot of changes, I changed a lot of stuff to make it easier for me to update and add to this growing site.

For you techies, I added a page displaying the tools I use to create an maintain this site.


Added a new essay I've been thinking about for quite some time, The Theology of Knife Collecting. I hope you'll find it interesting.

Added some new information about the history of the balisong

 02APR2K   Added a significant new page, The Special Exhibits Gallery, where I intend to exhibit high-quality photographs of highly collectible balisongs. When only the best will do, visit the Special Exhibits Gallery.
 17APR2K   Removed notes about the Oregon Knife Collector's Show since it has now passed.
 18APR2K   New Global Net offered to start e-mailing me stats for the site instead of just dropping 'em in a file somewhere for me to download. I never have gotten around to downloading, but e-mail is more convenient, so I said "why not?" The fact that I have never downloaded the stats for the site tells you how much I care. I do this because I want to provide this resource. If y'all like it, great. If not, well, nerts on you! Anyway, the first report came today. Somebody get me my pills! I had no idea! The report is quite long, but I posted just a few highlights for the curious among you. (They're at the bottom of the Internet Details page.)


Brought the links page up date.

Another new movie

 15MAY2K   Updated my sketchy history of the balisong with exciting new data. I have found the long-searched-for French book published in 1710 showing the balisong design.
 10JUN2K  BM42 Added a discussion of the 42's joints.
 19JUN2K  BM42 Added a couple of great new pictures to the pictures page
 01JUL2K   Put together a few pictures to illustrate answers to a question raised on the forum
 13JUL2K   Added a modest essay and a bit of ranting on balisongs and the law for what it's worth anyway.
 15JUL2K   Some of you have read a rough draft, one might even say "pre-production" edition of this essay on serial numbers and "special editions" that got accidentally linked into the site before it was ready. But, now it is ready. Here's the number 1/1 first-production release of this article.
 17AUG2K GEMINI I'm very excited to announce this major new custom balisong project. Check it out!
 07SEP2K GEMINI Gemini is now sold out. Mr. Ralph is taking orders for non-numbered Gemini pieces for a short time. After this, the Gemini project will be closed. Don't worry, though, and Mr. Ralph has exciting new balisong plans in the works.
 01OCT2K   Added yet another essay. This one attempts to dispel the myth that balisongs are only for martial artists.


 A few new entries.


A new book and a new review of a video (actually, a set of three videos)

Two new movies

 23NOV2K    A whole new page for balisongs in live plays, shows, even operas.
 03DEC2K   An exciting new addition to the site, "The Main Exhibits Gallery" will feature pictures and information about interesting and unusual balisongs. Watch for new additions
 18DEC2K    Another new exhibit.
 20JAN01    Added a few new links.


Two new movies and a slightly different format so that the list isn't quite so long.

Added two new links and reorganized the format to make it faster to load.



Added a few more links

Reorganized some of the short essays of Professor Roland Phlip of The Institute for Advanced Balisong Studies into a collection that can be more easily found and read

Moved the "Roadshow" schedule off of the front page just to make the front page a bit more compact.

02FEB01   Reorganized the "Hints" page to into three separate articles to make it easier to find the information you're looking for and faster to load. There are also two new hint articles on best use of Militec-1 lubricant and on reinforcing the BM 42 sheath.


A bit of remodeling here at The Balisong Collector's Headquarters. The varios photo galleries have been consolidated under one roof. This shortens the main menu

An exciting new addition to the site. Some of my best work yet. Check it out!

21FEB01   It's been a long time since there's been an addition to the wallpaper store. The recent photoshoot #1 images have generated a flood of requests for wallpaper. The most requested image is now available in all popular screen resolutions.
 27FEB01   Blood In, Blood Out gets a second review.

Removed the announcement about Gemini from the home page and added a link in the main menu. This neatens up the home page a bit.

Removed the announcement about the Benchmade 42 from the home page and moved it to the new reviews page. This neatens up the home page.

Added a whole new section for reviews of balisongs. Currently, there are reviews of the Benchmade Model 42 and the first Gemini Prototype

Added a very important review of the first Gemini Prototype. This completes a major milestone in the Gemini Project. We're now ready to begin production!

Added some wallpaper images of the Gemini Prototype.



More remodeling to make navigation faster and easier. Also, a significant new addition, a very nice example of the late Ron Miller's custom balisongs.

And, just when you think you've see 'em all, two more movies. Keep 'em coming.

17MAR01   Three more new movies! And The Balisong Collector Himself reviews Blood In, Blood Out.
24MAR01   Professor Roland Phlip lectures on The Etymology of the word "Balisong"
28MAR01   Born American get's a review


Two months? Where have I been? Well, The Oregon Knife Collector's Show, for starters. Anyway, the Galleries have been a bit of a disappointment to me. I'm just not getting what I want. So, I've remodeled again and added two new exhibits.

In my balisong travels, I've accumulated a few snapshots of myself and others. So, I've added a new page, The Balisong Collector's Album to show them to you.

And, I'm still working to clean up the home page to make it tighter. Nothing's been removed from the site, but some items are now linked in differently. Take a look around.

Added a review of the book "Balisong -- The Lethal Art of Filipino Knife Fighting. I haven't put this book up yet since it's more about knife fighting than balisong manipulation. But, it came up in discussions the other day and I think it ought to be listed here.

And the new movie, The Mummy Returns, also get's a listing.

 11JUL01    The Balisong Collector Himself reviews the new Benchmade Models 43 and 47
 12JUL01    The Balisong Collector Himself reviews the newest Charming Chinese Import. His conclusion may surprise you.
 01AUG01 The Shameless Commerce Division is now closed. Another sale is in the works already. Watch for it soon.
 19SEP01   Added another new video. This time, a friend of mine demonstrates one of the most difficult aerial manipulations. Don't miss it!
 27SEP01   Professor Roland Phlip answers your questions about blade grinds
 04SEP01   It's happened again. The ShamelessCommerce Division has opened its latest sale.
 23NOV01   The balisong collector himself reviews a trainer balisong from I&I Sports
 24NOV01    Added a new wallpaper image of Microtech's new Tachyon. More coming soon.


Added even more new Tachyon wallpaper as promised.

Added an extensive review of Tachyon with no less than 14 pictures!



A new hints and kinks article on using thread-locking adhesives on balisong knives

Made a few clarifications and a few more comments about Tachyon including one new picture.

 31DEC01   Added a new article on the disassembly of Tachyon. Now, you can see what's inside!