Balisongs And Caviar A Balisong Collector Special Exhibit You may click on any of the pictures in this exhibit to see a high-resolution version. Each hi-res picture opens in a new window. You many need to disable any pop-up blocking.



"Wait a minute, Mr. Balisong Collector," you might say, "That's not a knife. That's a spoon!" Right you are! It is, in fact, a Caviar Spoon. Caviar picks up a bitter, metallic flavor if it touches metal, so this Caviar Spoon is carved out of Mother of Pearl. The very tip of the handle is silver as a bit of a decoration. "That's very interesting," you may say,"but I didn't come to The Balisong Collector's Site to look at spoons... even fancy spoons made of MOP. I want to see some knives!" Trust me. We're getting there. Click on the Pointing Finger to continue.