A King's Balisong by Pabu Knife

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Rajah (king) Lakandula was king of the Filipino city-state of Tondo in the late 1500s. He then became king also of the major Filipino city of Manila (still known at that time as Maynilad). He was the last of the great Filipino kings. In his day, Rajah Lakandula was widely respected for his wisdom and also for his military prowess. And he still revered today. He is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence of the Philippines. And if you travel to Manila, you'll see his name on streets, buildings, monuments and so forth. The highest civilian honor bestowed by the Philippines today is The Order of Lakandula. The citation reads, in part, "The order commemorates Lakandula's dedication to the responsibilities of leadership, prudence, fortitude, courage and resolve in the service of one's people." With all of that in mind, when the Portland, Oregon-based but Philippino-American craftsmen of Pabu Knife set out to make a balisong knife to carry the Lakandula name, they knew it had better be a masterpiece and a showpiece... a balisong fit for a king.


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