Lapu Lapu

A King's Balisong by Pabu Knife

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Wow, four pages into the exhibit and we're only now seeing the knife. The contoured inserts are Jim Ferguson Bold Twist Damascus steel. Damascus steel is made of alternating layers of two different kinds of steel. Very often, one is a high-carbon alloy while the other is a high-nickel alloy. When etched in a mild acid, the high-carbon steel oxidizes and turns dark gray/black while the high-nickel alloy is actually polished and turns bright silver/white. Modern Damascus steel makers such as Jim Ferguson use a wide variety of techniques to create interesting patterns in the metal. The important point here is that this is not just a surface finish; it's not, for example, painted on. The pattern is part of the metal and goes all the way through. The handles are milled out of solid blocks of aerospace-grade Titanium. And each Damascus insert is fastened by a screw from the back. This is an innovative technique that Pabu pioneered and introduced to the balisong community a few years ago. Notice, also, how exactly the inserts fit in the handles. Everything fits exactly... after all, this is a Heros and Kings Knife. You may be wondering, if this is a Heros and Kings Knife, what that scar near the top of that picture is. That's not a scar at all; that's how you adjust the pivots. This is a totally new, totally novel way to make a balisong pivot joint. I've never seen anything like it. And this is the first knife that Pabu has used it on. All parts of this new pivot system are hand-made by Pabu. The load-bearing parts are carbide steel for high wear resistance. And, on the front of the knife, they are covered with Damascus steel caps. The tang pin, by the way, is also carbide steel. Most knifemakers hope to make maybe one or two truly unique innovations in their lifetime. Most will not even make one true invention. Pabu has already made more innovations and inventions in the balisong world than any other maker I know of. And, on this Heros and Kings Knife, they are introducing not one, but two in one knife! Click on the finger icon to read more about this heroic Pabu balisong .