You may click on any of the images in this exhibit to see a high-resolution version. The high-res images average about 400KBytes. Each high-res image opens in a new window, so you may have to temporarily disable any pop-up blocker you're using. SAR BALISONG #1

When I worked in the military/industrial complex, many of the projects were classified. Only people who had a need-to-know could access information about such a project. And, for some reason, the security folks felt the need to frequently remind us engineers that, "curiosity does NOT equal need-to-know." Some projects were so secret that a person's need-to-know had to be verified by a special investigation. Such projects and information were labeled "SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED," or SAR for short.

Now there's a SAR balisong. A Balisong so secret that you have to have special clearance to see it? No. It's a balisong made by Spencer Alan Reiter who uses his initials, SAR, as his tang stamp. In this case, curiosity DOES equal need-to-know.

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