Kiss My Kris

The last time I exhibited a kris, it drew quite a bit of e-mail -- so of it a bit angry. So, before we even look at this next Kris, I want to make two things perfectly clear.

First, I am aware that there are several ways to spell kris. The spelling most commonly used in the balisong community is K-R-I-S, kris. I don't assert that this is the most correct spelling or that other spellings are wrong. However, the knife we will be looking at was sold originally as a k-r-i-s kris. In this exhibit, I will use the k-r-i-s kris spelling. If this will offend you, then close your browser window now. Please don't write me and tell me that the k-r-i-s spelling is wrong.

Second, in this exhibit we will be looking at and talking about a modern, American, balisong kris. The commentary herein is germane to modern, American, balisong kris knives. It is not pertinent nor is it intended -- and I already know it is not correct -- with reference to traditional, Filipino and Indonesian fixed-blade kris knives and swords. So, please don't write to tell me that either.

This is a site about balisong knives. If you want to make your own site about traditional fixed-blade kris (or however you want to spell it) knives and swords, please do so... and please send me your URL when you're done because I'd love to read your site; that you can e-mail me.

Now, with all that said, those of you who are willing to look within that mind set, click on the icon below.